Personal life personal assistant

Personal life personal assistant
 Assistant manager - a job that does not involve personal life. Personal assistant, as a rule, there is a state of the leaders of large enterprises and companies. This means that he is also the head of a sufficient portion of his life forced to dedicate the work, and it is not limited to 8 hours a day. The helper, provides a working process, to be, at times, to devote even more time work, which is not to privacy.

If the head is usually older people already established his family, his assistant or helper - young. Their age is such that they can not indulge in his personal life. The big problem is that the eternal employment does not allow assistant manager to tie dating somewhere outside the walls of the workers. As a rule, all personal ties arise in their workplace.

The traditional scheme of the daily routine - 8:00 is not a dream, 8 - to work, 8 - on holiday for a personal assistant does not work, in addition, sometimes he has to work and on weekends. It often ends up that replaced personal life personal, non-business relationship manager.

The danger lies in the fact that often have to deal with the assistant and personal orders of his boss, business, which he, by virtue of his employment, he does not have time to perform. This increases the degree of trust between the assistant and the head, which leads to the illusion of a special closeness.

Due to a number of objective reasons, such relationships often end intimate. They can last for a long time and are quite satisfied with the manager. Female assistant often agree on them, hoping that it will end in divorce with his wife and marriage. Unfortunately, the probability is quite small, and even the birth of a child joint, which is calculated on the many, does not guarantee a successful marriage.

Hiring for this position, you must be clear about all the "charm" of the post. For all its prestige, it is better if it will be accepted by you as temporary. Good personal connections to help you in the future. Perhaps you should immediately discuss the matter with the head, then it is normal that related to your care for very good reason - the need for the device personal life. In this case, you can expect to special protection and assistance in further building a career.

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