How to train a new employee

How to train a new employee
 New employee, who joined the company must go through several stages of training. The only way he could soon join the team and go to fulfill their duties. To help the novice get started, there are several methods of learning.
 These methods are aimed at certain psychological characteristics of a new employee. So people who prefer to receive the skills when dealing with a large number of people will be optimal method of imitation. In this case, the employee observes the actions of staff in the workplace and operates the same way.

Introverts or those who prefer to acquire knowledge on their own, needs an individual approach. In this case, better to give the novice a personal tutor who will help you understand all the nuances of the work.
In any case, the final stage of training will be free level. New employee will be given free rein. He will have to make their own decisions, though he will be allowed to make mistakes. At this stage of control by the "teacher" invisible rather correction.

If the company can not afford to train each new employee on the individual program, it is necessary to stock up in advance and videos literature. With their help, you can help beginners get in the workplace.

Thus, in order to qualitatively train a new employee, company executives need:

- Experienced staff who will be able to take the training novice;
- Training materials - additional literature, videos;
- Samples and sample forms for the instructor. They must always be at hand, so that he could use them if necessary.

Pay attention to the behavior of the novice. If he passively refers to the process of learning, shifts the responsibility on the instructor should try to make him the activity through a system of incentives. For example, it is necessary to encourage his search for additional information, making rational proposals.

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