How to take the recommendations

How to take the recommendations
 Most large companies in employment require references from previous employers. This is especially applicable to those who are in the profession connected with a permanent communication with people. These include nannies, maids, cooks, drivers, massage therapists, and others. It is therefore important to know how to take the recommendations of the organization or the entrepreneur.
 So, if you want to get a recommendation from your employer to inform them of his intention to resign. However, this does not present too rough. Say what you want to expand their professional knowledge and to try myself in a similar field, or just a temporary break from work. Not to mention that you do not like wages or working conditions. In this case, you will be more difficult to obtain from the employer a positive recommendation.

If the head is ready for your care, begin to fail him to talk about the recommendations. If the boss does not have the time, write it yourself. Make recommendations - not such a complicated matter, so you are bound to deal with it. In the document, specify their professional skills, tell us how much you have worked in the company, which have achieved over this time period. Do not forget to send the recommendation by email to the head for reading and corrections. It is possible that he wants to add something of his own. The final version of the document is printed and is head of the signature. A positive recommendation by the organization is required to play an important role in your future employment.

In addition to written recommendations, there are also oral. Some employers prefer personal contact with former leaders. Of course, before you provide contact information chief, be sure to ask his permission. If he does not have time or do not configure a conversation, ask for help to his deputy, or employees who have been associated with yourself throughout your workflow.

If the last position was not entirely successful, and the former head of the relationship is not too good, not necessarily to provide advice to the enterprise from here. You can refer to other managers, if you have a connection with the same duty stations. To do this, just keep a good relationship with the director, congratulates him on holidays. This may in the future play a very important role.

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