How to take maternity leave

How to take maternity leave
 Maternity leave or maternity leave, provided the woman at her request, in accordance with the medical report. Go to the decree, you can only if you are working under an employment contract.
 The concept of maternity leave includes prenatal (70 days) and post-natal leave (70 days). This separation is intended to correctly determine the length of each of these periods. Initially, the sick leave doctor specifies the start date and the end of the vacation without division into labor and postpartum, the period of sick leave of 140 days. Sheet of disability issued woman in the antenatal clinic at 30 weeks of gestation.

The duration of maternity leave will depend on the nature of the flow of labor - the usual or complications. For example, a cesarean section refers to complications at birth, so at discharge from the hospital, you will get one more sick leave for 16 days. Thus, the duration of maternity leave in the normal course of pregnancy - 70 days, with a complicated delivery - 86 days, the birth of 2 or more children - 110 days.

To take maternity leave, you need to write a letter to the head of the organization and to make sick leave. All working mothers put payments in connection with pregnancy and childbirth. The amount of payments is considered on the basis of the average wage in the workplace over the last 12 months, or at the request of workers over the past 2 years. Such a transition period established by law until 2013. Then the amount of payments will be considered only on the basis of the average wage in the last 2 years, regardless of how much the employee has worked in the organization. If seniority on the last job less than two years, you will need to collect certificates from all places of employment to confirm income for the period of 2 years. The benefit is paid within 10 days after the presentation of sick leave to the employer.

According to Art. 260 of the Civil Code "Before Parental leave or immediately after or at the end of the leave to care for a child the woman at her request shall be granted annual paid leave, regardless of length of service with the employer." Thus, if not much want to work, you can go on maternity leave early, without waiting for a period of 30 weeks. To do this, apply for paid leave. You can take a vacation of any length up to 28 days, regardless of how much time worked for the employer.

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