How to return to work after the decree

How to return to work after the decree
 Output to work after maternity leave for women is a definite stress. At this stage it is very important for the support of family and friends, because the work environment requires a young mother endurance and determination.
 After maternity leave, the ladies go to work with mixed feelings: one is glad that no longer have to sit in four walls, while others, on the contrary, does not want to get involved in the work, but I have to do it. And in fact, and in another case, a young mother needs to adapt after such a long break.

We must remember that during your absence may have changed a lot, so do not expect to immediately still warm attitude and pleasant atmosphere in the team. If you want to know what awaits you at the former place of work, in advance of his visit and talk with their colleagues. Learn about all the innovations of your institution, you will be enrolled in a much easier workflow.

Prepare for the difficulties that can arise when you return. This may be a lack of contact with new colleagues or lack of skills for a particular job, which may be required at the moment. Each problem should be resolved in several ways, so it is best to simulate them, so as not to be caught unawares.

Remember all your skills and abilities that you perfectly mastered to maternity leave. If necessary, re-read books that helped you master them.

Return to work after a long break - a kind of stress, and the young mother needs a reliable support of friends and family. The main thing that a woman has had the opportunity to articulate their problems and do not listen to the answer to the teachings and guidance on how it needs to do in a given situation.

Active labor implies a change of life rhythm. Most of the day will now be working hours, under which you will have to adjust the daily household chores. The most difficult test for women - separation from a child who is with the release of the mother goes to work in kindergarten - he becomes more independent.

Gradually accustom woman in the workplace, it just takes some time. Realizing this, you can avoid stress and depression.

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