How to report on the work of pregnancy

How to report on the work of pregnancy
 Whatever the long-awaited and joyful for you or was pregnant, the thought of how you inform the management, can poison all the joy. This will be especially alarming if the relationship with the boss you have enough official and you are not sure what the reaction will follow.
 Should not exaggerate the surprise of his application for guidance. All they understand and remember on their own or their wives that with women it sometimes happens. Deep down, everyone realizes that there is nothing more important than the main purpose of women - reproduction of the human race. So do not be a coward and adjust itself to the disaster.

Best of all, if you are the chief of their upcoming vacation. To do this, you do not have to hurry - you can tell at the beginning of the second trimester, when all alarms first - miscarriage and false pregnancy is over.

Do not wait, when my aunt-savvy colleagues noticed your position, and nashepchut up. You should report it. But first think about how much your care, even if temporary, will be painful for the company. If you tied a lot of things, then think over whether it is possible to convey to someone all of them, or at least part of it. Make a plan for those that you need to do before the holiday. With this plan, and go to the manual.

Tell the Chief of her pregnancy, and familiarize him with the way you do with affairs by those who were. Express it offers, how to make your departure less painful. Chiefs always impressed by the trust and that you are serious about your job responsibilities, and remain a business man, in spite of the coming of care.

At a high level of communication, you can always and subsequently, while on vacation with a toddler, to participate in the life and activity of the company. In any case, consult with you the kind of person who will give you their business, always will. Your chief will be plenty of time to find a replacement.

Colleagues with whom you work, you can not announce the upcoming changes in your life, they and everyone will notice, when the time comes. But when you want to take unused leave to go on maternity leave early, still talk to the HR department and accounting department, how to make sure you do not lose financially. In addition, they will be able to safely execute all necessary documents and make timely payments due.

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