How to recover arrears of wages

How to recover arrears of wages
 In accordance with Russian legislation, the employer must timely pay their employees. If he violates this duty, there is an individual labor dispute between him and his subordinates who have not received wages. There are several possible solutions to this problem.
 Systematic non-payment or delay in wages by the employer - a serious offense. To resolve the conflict situation the employee has the right to apply to the commission on labor disputes, the trade union body of the organization or the state labor inspectorate. These bodies have sufficient authority to resolve the labor dispute peacefully.

If this method did not reach a mutually beneficial solution, the employee may apply to the court and law enforcement agencies. Recovery of arrears of wages through the court considered an extreme way to solve the labor dispute. And, as a rule, used only when the employment relationship between the employer and the employees have stopped.

First you need to come to court with a claim. It is necessary to describe the current situation of conflict. Specify the location and personal data of the employee, the date and the grounds of dismissal, as well as the amount of debt. Quite often, in the amount of the claim include a demand for payment of non-pecuniary damage, but in practice this petition courts rarely meet. By the way, you need to apply to the district court at the place of registration of the organization, rather than the actual address. Otherwise, the trial may take a long time.

Pretty effective way of solving such labor disputes is to appeal to the bodies of internal affairs. The prosecutor's office has broad powers in the field of supervision of compliance with labor laws. If the employer delays wages more than two months, it can be held criminally liable. In other cases, it may be subject to administrative fines and penalties.

By the way, if wages are not paid on time, the organization is obliged to submit to the statistical authorities "Data on arrears of wages" (in the form №3-F). This form must be completed on a monthly basis.

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