How to meet

How to meet
 Carrying out various kinds of meetings - a necessary and indispensable tool management decisions. As a rule, they are going competent in any narrow issue of professionals who share their views on it and take a common decision. This is a form of "brainstorming" and to ensure its effectiveness, to organize a meeting of the need to correct.
 Pick a room depending on the number of participants claimed. This form of business communication will require close contacts between the parties, so they should be placed so that they could freely exchange ideas with each other. Ideal - "round table", but it is good and that when participants sit at tables spaced around the perimeter of the room, facing each other. If they are not very much, they can sit down and one not long rectangular table.

Learn theme of the meeting, list of participants, each ring up and asks you if there will be any office at the meeting. Sometimes this kind of meetings, participants make presentations and reports. In this case, the room must provide a sufficient number of outlets, computer projection screen.

Make sure that on the tables had everything we needed - glasses and bottles of mineral water, a pen and a sheet of writing paper. Even if all meeting participants - men should not be put on the table ashtray, so as not to suffer those who do not smoke.

Consider the questions that will be included in the agenda of the meeting. They must be such as to solve along the way is not possible. Consider the optimal order of speakers to address issues at the meeting were covered with the maximum fullness. Make agenda and read it from the session. If they have any additions and adjustments that make them, if necessary.

In the process of solving the serious issue of the meeting participants can make presentations. Ask them to submit abstracts and also send this them to those who will participate in the meeting. They can make available analytical or statistical material on the issues.

If they are serious and numerous, it makes sense to equip a separate space for a secretary who will record everything that has been suggested as a result of the discussion.

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