How to make a new director

How to make a new director
 Director - the highest position in the company. He directs the activities, determines the development strategy of the company, according to the rules and documents, concludes the transaction, opens a bank account. Documents prepared in the appointment of directors, are somewhat different from those required for registration of regular employees.
 Standard order form T-1 is not suitable for the decoration of the new director. In contrast to the rest of the staff of the enterprise director was not recruited and elected (appointed) by the general meeting of shareholders (participants) of the company. Such an appointment is recorded in the minutes of the general meeting (decision of the sole member) and is reflected in the order.

Given these features, the person appointed by the Director, shall issue an order with the following wording: "On the basis of the decision (specify the decision and how documents are drawn up) take office director" and his very signs. Employment records will also be different, in this case, uses the term "appointed (elected) to the position of director."

On the appointment of the director of the company shall notify the territorial tax authorities, as the identity of the person entitled to act without power of attorney on behalf of the company must be held in Companies House. For this purpose, fill out an application form R14001.

The application must be filled with all the relevant page: information about the company; information about the new director, as well as the former leader who resigns; data about the applicant (who often acts as the new director). Sheet, designed to stamp notary is not filled, but also applied to the application.

R14001 form must be notarized. Served she neproshitom and unsigned form - notary office employees engaged in registration document yourself. This type of service is to be paid.

Statement notarized, the protocol on the appointment of directors and an employment contract with the head must be submitted to the territorial tax authority no later than three days after the decision. Submit these documents can be either the Director or a person acting on the enterprise under a power of attorney. Also, the documents can be sent by mail.

After receiving the certificate confirming the amendment to the Companies House, the company needs to update the information letter Goskomstat (Roskomstat).

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