How to learn how to make decisions

How to learn how to make decisions
 There are people who from his youth have an amazing intuition on which to take the right decision, but they are few. Usually a person draws conclusions, starting from their own experience, having made a lot of mistakes and outright stupid. To learn how to make decisions, to analyze all the events happening in your life and look for causal relationships.
 In his youth, it seems that their own opinion - the only true and all that is said and advised the surrounding, you personally do not have anything. However, older people, especially relatives related to you with warmth and love, do not wish you no harm. And in some ways quite capable of giving good advice. Therefore, at least out of respect, before making important life decisions, consult with your loved ones. Perhaps their opinion give you some thoughts, and you will make the right conclusion.

In making decisions, proceed from their own experience. Remember that a similar situation may have happened in your life. How did you react to it at that time, and how it affected your destiny? If all ended well, repeat the previous steps. If not - take a diametrically opposed.

Difficult decisions to be made quickly undesirable, temper, emotion. Most often they are wrong. First, calm down, let it will take some time, at least a day - two. Then again, scroll the situation in his head. Maybe now she will appear in a completely different light.

Do not make a decision under pressure. In complex situations, saying that now you can not give an answer, you need to think. For there is always a delay time, at least half an hour - hour. This will be enough to consider all possible scenarios.

Are you afraid of failure? Remember - do not mistake the one who does not do anything. Errors - only proof that the next time you'll be much smarter. If in doubt, do or not do, always do. Perhaps you are lucky and succeed. And if nothing happens, you will not regret that I did not try.

Do not repeat blindly for others. What's good for one is not suited to another. Always have your own opinion. Only adult responsible person is able to take the right decisions.

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