How to get a prize

How to get a prize
 Not all managers are concerned about the increase in employee motivation. So your employer did not seem in a hurry to please you pay raises, or at least pay the premium for the year. What to take in this case?
 If you think that the premium you on the initiative of "no chance" have to make some effort to try it still obtain. No crime: all the decorum, noble. But the main thing - honestly.

Be honest with yourself: what do you do at the end of the year for such a large company, for which you should really reward? If you recall offhand does not work, take a piece of paper and a pen and, quietly, slowly, make a list of your achievements. All of your progress should be documented and fully meet the objectives of which are put in front of you boss, not your own conclusions. So you can determine whether you put some kind of reward.

Calculate exactly how much money you bring to the budget of how much you have earned for it, how many new customers and contracts concluded resulted. Find out how to work and your colleagues in the past year, and that they too can claim. Write down all the data, be sure to include the date and prepare documents.

Please note in their calculations not only the profits that you brought us, but how was her most successful last year. If the firm was losing money (not your fault, but because of the economic situation), a little to reduce the amount of potential reward. Conversely, if the due and your work, and the work of the whole team, and despite the difficult situation on the market, the company has received considerable income, increase the amount of premium features.

Prepare for a meeting with the leadership, holding a reserve option in case if you are denied. You can offer the employer to pay the amount due within one year or provide you with some additional benefits benefits package.

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