How to fire a person for absenteeism

How to fire a person for absenteeism
 If an employee is systematically absent from the workplace, the employer is entitled to carry out the procedure for his dismissal. To do this, issue the certificate, signed by three witnesses, ask an employee to write an explanatory; director shall issue an order of dismissal and personnel service - to make a mark in the map and personal workbook.
 In case of absence personnel in their workplace need to draw up a statement on the matter. It is necessary to register the fact of truancy and ask to put a signature at least three witnesses (including their positions, names, initials). Document should be assigned a number and the date of the. Personnel or timekeeper must make a mark in the timesheets on absenteeism.

When a staff member will be on the job, ask him to write an explanatory note indicating the cause of truancy and attach documents confirming the validity of absence from the workplace.

Dismiss specialist for absenteeism can only be the case if the manager considers the reasons stated in the explanatory, disrespectful. Familiarize employees with the act of his absence, he needed it to put a personal signature. If he refused to sign the document, make a mark in the act about it.

Head of structural unit to write to the Director of the memorandum. In fact it is prescribed truancy and possible solution - dismissal under. The Director shall consider the note and to render its decision in the form of a visa, containing the date and signature.

Make the order of dismissal. Give him the date and number. List the personal data of the employee. Make a link to the article 81 of the Labour Code, based on which you spend to fire. Reassure the order signed by the person of the company.

Mark it in a personal card specialist and his work book, referring to the labor laws. Spend Certification employment records the company seal, signature and lay off workers. The book accounting work books make a note of the transfer of labor to hand the employee, ask him to put his signature on the receipt.

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