How to come to work on time

How to come to work on time
 To get to work on time, you need to prepare in advance, even in the evening. No employer will praise you for the constant delays and coming to work for lunch. Therefore, work on your schedule and regime to keep pace with everything and everywhere.
 Adjust its internal clock at your work schedule. Do not linger in front of a TV or computer monitor into the night, if you know that in the morning you have to get up early. First, you can not get to sleep no later than 22-23 hours, but eventually it will become a habit. For working the night shift also need to adjust the mode of the day.

Its easy to do on a piece of paper and pin it to the wall button. Take eight hours sleep, note the time that leaves you at breakfast, fees and road. Based on these data, determine the time of awakening that will allow you time to get to work. A few minutes of your morning time add to the reserve, so as not to feel too dependent seconds and moments.

Collect what you need (bags, cosmetic bags, clothing), in the evening, so as not to shoot down the leg in search of the necessary things in the morning. Prepare trousers, jacket, shirt - clean, iron it. Find the right accessories, underwear, tights and shoes.

Get multiple alarms, if you have the habit to lie under the covers for a few minutes. Put them away from the bed to had to get up, shutting down the rattling device. Reach out and cheer myself still in bed. Massage your ears, pull the legs, put your hands up, arch your back - you'll have a morning exercise, which activates the body's system, configure them to work.

Open the window and take a cool shower - it will make you meet a lot faster and harden. Be sure to have breakfast in the morning, the work of the digestive tract will start earlier and, therefore, before an end. Your figure will be slimmer and improve health.

Make makeup, put your hair and put on work clothes. Take necessary to work things out and go to stop the vehicle or sit in your car. Remember the bus schedule and listen to weather forecasts - it will help to more accurately calculate the travel time.

Create a reputation as a diligent and hardworking employee - come on time, collected, active and cheerful.

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