How to approve the staffing

How to approve the staffing
 Each enterprise exists staffing. His project should develop human servants, in which the head of the company should be responsible. Approve the finished document should officer. To do this, he should issue an order, the form of which is somewhat different from the order form on the core business.
 Project staffing should develop labor economist, is regulated by the Ministry of Labour. But this post is not available in every company, therefore, as a rule, are engaged in personnel staff. It is desirable to prescribe such a duty in their job description. If this is not specified, then the director of the company must hold them responsible for the development of staffing. To do this, he should issue an order on the core business, which must be signed by headhunters in the row reference.

After preparation of the project staffing and coordination of the content of the document with the director responsible should start filling the unified form of T-3 approved by state regulations. Job titles, departments personnel officers need to make no cuts. Blank document must contain the code positions, flat rate depending on the nature of work, salary, and the number of staff members.

After counting the total number of staff and monthly payroll of employees Director must approve the document. To do this, he should issue an order. As in any other administrative documents, in order approving the staffing necessary to write the name of the company, the city of location, number and date.

In contrast to the order on the main activity, in order approving staffing recital is absent, that is not stated the reason for his compilation. After the theme follows immediately write administrative part, which shall include the date of the document, number of people and amount of the monthly payroll. Spend certification order signed by the Director of the company. Number and date register in the upper left corner of staffing, ie in the statement.

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