How to Alienate respect

How to Alienate respect
 Universal respect - this is the dream of many, but it achieves not everyone. Is it possible that a man respected by all? And if possible, how to achieve this?
 First of all, it is necessary to dispel the myth that you can earn the respect. This is unrealistic. The main reason lies in the fact that different social groups have different priorities. Thus, in the business environment is highly valued loyalty to his word, and in the criminal environment of worship on which side force.

On this basis, determine which particular social group you want to become a respected person. Then analyze what are the most valuable quality and at the same time for the rare group. Begin to develop these qualities. For example, among women is unusual, but very much appreciated the ability to keep other people's secrets. If you develop such a capability will soon notice that the details from his personal life friend or colleague prefer it with you.

If you have the right qualities, but people do not seem to notice them, do not be shy, refers to its "plus" when it appears possible. However, do it to the point and unobtrusively.

Even if you work out the right course of action, be prepared for the fact that there are still people who will not respect you. Some are simply not able to do so because of their moral underdevelopment - they can only be angry and envious. Take it easy and remember the famous saying: "I do not copper ruble to please everyone."

Do not attempt to adjust to these people: the man who seeks to please everyone, authoritative articles can not, by definition. On the contrary, defends his individuality, his principles, his views on life. Given an elusive goal to get absolutely all respect, you are likely to only lose the respect of those who have it already arisen.

There is such a thing as charisma. This term refers to a person's ability to win the sympathy of others, inspire your thoughts and drag the. It is believed that charisma - an innate gift that can not be learned. If you are lucky, and you are a charismatic personality, respect for the people you will achieve easily.

The rest to become an authoritative person will require more time and effort, however, being consistent in your behavior, you are sure to succeed.

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