How not to plant health in the office

How not to plant health in the office
 People engaged in physical labor, will never understand what complain "white and gray-collar workers." It would seem that there is such a heavy? Sidi, answer calls, slaughter or look for relevant information. However, the body of the office most of the day the employee is in an unnatural position, besides very few people can normally dine. It turns out that people involved in intellectual labor, suffer no less than those whose work involves physical exertion.

The first problem faced by knowledge workers - is back pain. While during the working day in a bent condition, very difficult to maintain the health of the spine. Reduce this harmful effect can purchase comfortable orthopedic chairs, proper organization of the working space and time to make breaks. If the purchase seats - a task management staff, the right to put a monitor, keyboard, office equipment, to not have to stretch forward, it is possible to own. According to the Rules of occupational safety, work breaks should be done at least every 2 hours. Walk around the office, leaning against the wall.

The second problem - it's stress. The load on the nervous system in the office incredible. The number of job tasks that must be solved for each employee individually, great. And to solve them very quickly. In order to save payroll employers often Shoulder workers strangers duties. So as not to catch the stress, you need to clearly distinguish between their own and others' work, to be able to delegate their responsibilities to others. Irritation can be overcome by drinking decoctions of sedative herbs, and in his spare time to arrange a psychological relief, changing the type of activity (doing at the gym, in the pool), as well as taking a relaxing bath in the evening. A great way to relax - do a favorite hobby.

During epidemics need to be particularly attentive to the health office. Make regular wet cleaning in the workplace, do not eat in a common dining room, wearing a mask, and lubricate the mucous balm containing disinfectants.

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