Emergencies in the office. What to do?

Emergencies in the office. What to do?
 Calm and measured workflow can be interrupted at any time an emergency situation requiring immediate solution. All situations can not be foreseen, but you can see some of them, to know what to do.
 The most valuable resource is human time, and it is most likely the victim, who may need to bring in the case of emergency circumstances. One of force majeure, which can occur in the workplace - the loss of important data due to equipment failure. As a rule, very important developments are stored on disk, USB flash drive or on a file server, but there are cases when they simply do not have time to copy. You need to check e-mail, if the lost documents were sent, as well as find all the necessary information and begin to restore data. In one company was the case when the database, formed within a week, has been lost due to a malfunction of the hard disk of the computer. The employee took the laptop home and worked from Friday evening to Sunday evening, but the restored data, reaching base, partially restoring it, relying on e-mail, and partly created from scratch.

Workflow - a chain of links, each of which can be replaced by another, not identical to the original, but performing the same function. When sending critical documents, many companies rely on the delivery of specialized companies. However, when working in areas such as international projects, there may be situations when sending the application form may be delayed due to lack of time to collect the necessary papers. There may require a separate delivery. As an example, consider the case, which occurred in a non-profit organization. The project application was prepared for dispatch, but in the final inspection, it was found that the form of a potential partnership project participants offline. It managed to get only that morning, when was the last date of application, and, of course, no delivery service did not have time to deliver a packet to its destination seven hours. One of the staff, it was decided to fly the plane and personally deliver the application package. The project was successfully delivered and subsequently won the bid.

In the main Russian business "fuel" are due. Using them correctly, you can resolve the seemingly intractable situation, including related to money. A non-profit organization working with orphanages, organized a charity theater performance where the audience and the actors had to become orphans. However, when it came time to pay for the rented premises, as well as props and children travel to the venue, found a slight discrepancy: charitable foundation because of problems with the sponsors did not have time to send money. Not immediately, but the solution was found: the head of the project on orphans, were friends who helped bring down the price as transportation and food, and the props and hall rental. The question of money was settled through the same friends who helped find sponsors and television companies, which undertook to cover the event. 

However, none of the officers involved in the resolution of the problems described above, has not received any increase or material reward for their labors. Force majeure, which occurred with them, do not worry boss. The only thing that was important - the result, and everything else is working tasks, including emergency circumstances. Remember this, if such a situation suddenly and affect you.

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