Closet business woman

Closet business woman
 Business woman has to look perfect. All it should be fine, and hair and make-up and, of course, clothes. This lady must always be elegant, graceful and with impeccable taste, so the choice of clothes she should be approached very kind.
 Business attire is business card business woman. When choosing a costume color plays an important role, it is not necessary to give preference too dark or too bright colors. Blacks make you gloomy and flashy colors will not fit for business meetings. The most suitable color is beige and gray, some of the ladies also prefer brown and dark blue.

Do not choose a suit with stripes, or with any cell or drawings. It would be difficult to combine with other things. Therefore, better to give preference monotonous models. Besides, you can always refresh its image with various accessories. To suit any need to have some blouses for everyday wear and a couple of well-dressed.

Shoes necessarily selected by size. High heels and stilettos are not suitable for business shoes. Otherwise it may happen that an important meeting you will think is not about work, about blisters and pain in the legs.

When choosing a skirt, do not buy very short, the optimal length of foot or two fingers above the knee. Pants should not be too tight, or too broad.

One can not imagine a woman without her purse. In business lady in the locker room have to be a few bags. Best of all, the bag was leather, simple, elegant, and the most expensive. Just try to bag match with your shoes.

On hand at business woman must show off the clock. This is one of the main elements of the image of business people. The clock must be reliable, high-quality, low-key, it is best that it was a well-known brand.

It is not strange, but a business woman should be very careful about the choice of underwear. As for color, it can only be white, black or personal. Best of all, the laundry was absolutely smooth and seamless. Do not choose panties, shorts or traditional classic, these models are too allocated through clothes, a suit is better to wear thongs.

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