Business training and business coach: the problem of choice

Business training and business coach: the problem of choice
 When the task is to conduct additional training, it is best to choose the technology business training. But only properly structured program can raise the productivity of the team. If at the stage of development of a business coach that ever lose sight of - training for participants will be no more than enjoyable time.

Business training is a series of exercises designed for the acquisition of certain skills. In other words, the moderator should hold the participants in the chain "Zun" (knowledge - skills - skills). For the first part in this study meet the mini-lecture, for the second - exercises for the third - business games.

Also in the arsenal business coach motor warm-up needed to cheer up the group at the beginning of the day; metaphorical games that help to illustrate, but in a joking manner to demonstrate the action of a simple skill; video analysis - using it, participants will be able to self-assess how well or poorly they perceived material.

Choosing the audience for business training, it is important to find a room in which all class members could sit in a circle. No wonder this kind of training is the alternative name "class in a circle." However, this does not mean that all the time students will only sit. They need space for active workouts, business games, etc.

Also on the perimeter of the room it is desirable to place the tables. If the exercises include modeling - be careful with that all had the scissors, glue, pencils, etc.

Selection of training programs necessary your command depends on whether you want to receive the output. When it comes to improving the cohesion of the team - choose teambuilding training. Not the fact that he carried out solely on the nature and represents an adult version of the game "Summer lightning". If a business coach to the task of uniting a group of people working on ad-hoc project activities can take place in the classroom, and the training - have modules corresponding to its specificity.

To increase the level of competence of employees engaged in telephone sales, order training, allowing them to learn how to get in touch, make suggestions, listen and take objections and resistance, to carry out the transaction, complete the contact at the highest level that buyers want to re-use the services of . Sellers in the contact zone (for example, the trading floor) rather important training product presentation, consisting of two parts. The first - the allocation of the competitive advantages of products with which they work. The second - and skills to bring these benefits to the buyer.

When it comes to how to choose a business coach - someone who will develop a training program and conduct classes, you must first make the monitoring and compare who is doing it. Then - ring up all the training companies and learn about the projects implemented it in your business area. The third important point: do not be lazy to contact former customers - ask efficiency past business training. It is usually determined by the formula "that was - that was = what is done."

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