Boss in a skirt, or The Devil Wears Prada

Boss in a skirt, or The Devil Wears Prada
 Boss in a skirt - a phenomenon not unique, but a little different. Some people like to work under the female head, someone is annoying. But to give up a prestigious post because that guide you will be a woman, it's silly. And the right way to find the boss is easier than a new job.  

If your supervisor is a woman, on the one hand, you're in luck, as women - being sensitive and not devoid of compassion for others. Your everyday problems they understand better than men.

Illness of a child, parent meeting a woman leader perceive quieter than it would have made man.
Male leaders understand the difficult problems in life, as in the first place he is working. A home and family difficulties, in his opinion, you have to decide in his spare time.

Women leaders often sees young workers, as children who need to patronize. She is ready to provide support and assistance, just a mistake. But this applies only to "green" employees. With experienced workers in a skirt boss asks to the fullest extent.

It was the boss in a skirt can create a friendly atmosphere in the office, where all employees feel themselves members of a cohesive team.

Woman manages more openly than men. It can praise, a compliment, encourage employee. Boss in a skirt is not separated from the collective, she shares information, participates in the discussion of problems. Because of this, a woman leader makes decisions, taking into account the opinion and arguments of each employee.

With the boss can discuss all urgent questions and problems.

But on the other hand, have a woman as head of the not always easy. Boss in a skirt critical of the appearance of employees. You can not be a "gray stocking", but also a luxury stand is also not recommended. Women leaders do not like it if someone looks more elegant than she.

The bad news is the boss in a skirt can react unpredictably. It can be as rough and harsh reaction and unexpected tranquility. This is explained by the fact that women are more emotional than men.

Horrible bosses may be, both men and women. Just respect them and remember that they have dignity, thanks to which they have become leaders.

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