Affair with a married client

Affair with a married client
 From the novel "on the side" is not insured or a housewife or a business woman. Businesswoman, the nature of their activities, to communicate with a large number of clients with whom her share common interests, is in the "at risk." Therefore affair with a married client - quite a common thing, but is it worth to risk your reputation?
 Some pluses in this novel, of course. Firstly, a married man already knows what women like, how to win their favor and draw attention to themselves. There is a whole range of traditional skillful courtship. Second, such a romantic partner, of course, has the means to take care of nicely and you do not have to pay for it in a restaurant. Third, if you are free, you are not obliged to anyone in any report and can maintain a relationship until you do not get bored.

But if the hero of your novel is not only married, but also your customer is, in your relationship will business component. Even when he cares for you very sincerely and not counting on concessions and discounts, you can still provide them to him. You must agree to treat it in the same way as the other customers, you can not. Directly or indirectly, it benefits from such a relationship.

The idea that you and your love can be used for personal gain, will haunt you all the time. If a bachelor your relationship can become severe and result in marriage, then married there is always a reason why he can not take you there. In this case, the presence of his wife and children, debt to them - always respectful reason to limit ourselves to a romantic date.

Love relationship, in which mixed material benefit one partner, more often than not have a future. If you are really a business woman, you will never be confused with love your business. You have opened their job to deal with them and benefit from this material benefit. Your feelings for a married client does not allow you to carry out neither one nor the other. Not to mention that a meeting with a married client, you allow him to deceive his wife, and were themselves involved in this deception.

If possible, give up this "happiness" and stay for their clients always only business partner, because business is neither male nor female, and, therefore, and novels.

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