5 enemies in the office

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 Office - one of the main jobs of modern humans. At first glance, there can not be any harmful effects on humans. But the work in the office leads to a number of ailments that can easily turn into a chronic disease.
 The first enemy office worker - annoying boss, who is always present there. Leadership positions implies oversee the work of subordinates. The same breath they are experiencing a lot of stress. In this situation there is an office worker only two exits. Win the favor of the chief, and his attitude is good use in the future for the promotion or receipt of orders, for example. If the leader does not want to establish good relations with you, it is best to just stop paying attention to his caustic remarks. Take care of your own nerves.

The second enemy is affecting women. Heels - this is a mandatory component of the office appearance. All day in shoes like women's legs brings health. And it is fraught with diseases of veins, pelvis and spine. In order not to harm yourself, you should periodically change shoes in soft shoes at work. For example, you can keep the slippers under the table.

The third enemy - the monitor. It is to him the whole day glued views of many office workers. By the end of the day my eyes start to itch, blush, tears. Such load ultimately leads to loss of vision. Protect yourself from eye problems can be with glasses with diopters. Also, every 1, 5 hours, try to perform a small charge for their eyes.

The fourth enemy - air conditioning. This is an integral part of many offices. Air Conditioning strongly dries the skin. Therefore, not only women but also men to keep in the table moisturizing or nourishing cream. If the authorities concerned for their own subordinates, you can ask to put in a regular room humidifier.

Fifth enemy - hard and uncomfortable chair. Long sitting on such a device can lead to curvature of the spine, pain in the back. If the plans are not part of the authorities to ensure staff are more comfortable chairs, do a simple workout for the day. If possible, it is more likely to go to the office. This will improve the blood circulation in the body and help less tired at work.

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