Short hairstyles 2009 (photo)

 Traditionally, it is assumed that only long hair give a woman more sex appeal, attractiveness and femininity. But I would like to refute this preconceived opinion in favor of the ladies who prefer short haircuts. Let's start with the fact that short hair give their owner a great opportunity for experimenting with their image, and for the visual correction of facial contours, while emphasizing all its advantages.

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Short hairstyles 2009 (photo)You should also take into account the rhythm of life of the modern woman. At the current time is shortshort haircuts allow us during the day very quickly change their way. For example, a business with a romantic or any other suitable mood or upcoming events. Too long hair are not suitable for every style (and age too) unlike short.

If you decided to radically change its image and a haircut, but never wornshort haircuts (School years are not taken into account), it is necessary to take into account factors such as hair texture, face shape and its characteristic features. Let's look at options for haircuts and hairstyles for every face shape individually.

Short hairstyles 2009 (photo)Oval face shape
Owners oval face fit absolutely any short haircuts and hairstyles. This form is perfect, so with the help of stylists haircuts, hairstyles and makeup are trying to visually bring to her other face shapes.

Short hairstyles 2009 (photo)Round face shape
To face looked longer at the top of the head (on top of) the hair should be raised, and on each side should be removed, leaving a small amount. Doing her hair, the shape of the contour of the head should be expanded up to the ears. Well in this case fit the asymmetry: one side brushed hair oblique fringe or parting.

If you have a round face, avoid parting, should also not be smoothly combed hair and expand them on the sides below the ears.

Short hairstyles 2009 (photo)A square face shape
As in the case of a circular shape, a square face to be good short haircuts and hairstyles with asymmetry. The line of the forehead should be raised with the help of hair. This type of person suitable oblique parting and wavy hair, and ears is better to leave half open.

You should not do hair and bangs thick symmetrical.

Short hairstyles 2009 (photo)The rectangular shape of the face
For this face shape suit short haircutsCovering ears with thick bangs to her eyebrows. Visually make the face and shorter hairstyle with curls framing the face.

You should avoid like hairstyles with vertical lines and straight long hair, because the face of this will seem even longer.

Short hairstyles 2009 (photo)The triangular shape of the face
Short haircuts with oblique or direct long bangs, creating volume through earlobes well will bring a triangular face shape to oval. Very impressive will look hairstyle with curls at the top of the head.

In order not to attract attention to the broad cheekbones, give up short bangs and smooth zachesyvaniya back hair in the temporal part of the head.

Short hairstyles 2009 (photo) Picking upshort haircuts and hairstyles for women, in addition to the shape of the face stylists also take into account its characteristics. Thus, the owners of long nose is not going smoothly combed hair. On the contrary, they decorate curvy hairstyle with the same magnificent long bangs. Ladies with a little upturned nose or forehead is better to leave open, with good will decorate her hair with small curls. If the nose is flat and wide, suitable hairstyle with long bangs oblique, or can simply be combed back hair, high forehead lift them.

Short hairstyles 2009 (photo) If you have a short neck, you will not go long flowing hair. Very good to be in your case, anyshort haircuts with an open neck. A long neck, on the contrary, it is necessary to close the hair. With wide-set eyes forehead can partially close wavy locks. Close-set eyes - Lay the side strands along the cheeks and give splendor of the hair on the temples. Low forehead visually increases lush fringe, descended below the eyebrows. Well-rounded flat neckshort haircutsForming a volume in the neck and crown. Well, if you do not like the size of your ears, you can simply close the half of their hair.

Short hairstyles 2009 (photo) Concluding the conversation about the benefits of cuts, we can not mention age. Stylists strongly recommend to abandon the long hair middle-aged ladies. They argue that women are very old long hair in the form of promiscuity, and arranged in a bun. Therefore it is better worth a haircut, nothing spared. Especially becauseshort haircuts again very popular this year!

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