Perfect hair

 Some people believe that nothing is perfect does not exist. No perfect man or a perfect job, no perfect ice cream. I do not presume to judge with confidence men, ice cream and other women's joy, but that's about the hair I'm sure - they can be ideal.

Under the heading Diet: How to choose a watermelon?

Criteria of female attractiveness, there is a great variety. The image of women, which delayed the male gaze, can be quite varied. But one thing the opinions of men coincide almost unconditionally - the woman should be well-groomed. All - from the tips of the nails to hairstyles. This generous nature every woman wealth, hair, whether short or long, curly or straight, light or dark, allow you to change your image. Properly chosen hairstyle handsome set off the color of your eyes, take a look extremely attractive, adjust the shape of the face will help to attract and retain the male gaze. Beautiful hair nice touch, and one of the nicest gestures that you can imagine, this man kissing a woman's hair strands - weasel who feel with all my heart, despite the fact that you do not feel the body.

Hair - one of the main manifestations of feminine beauty, women's second nature. Their condition, color and shape depend on the success in the establishment of a particular image. Hair Care provides their condition and elegant appearance, depending on the type of hair.

Right care

The attractiveness of the hair due to their brilliance and silky texture and a combination type with a view hairstyles. To maintain hair in great shape and healthy should choose the appropriate care, depending on their type.

Dry hair

Dry by nature are most often dark or red hair, and the hair is subjected to coloring or chemical perms. The fundamental error that can be tolerated in the care of dry hair - it's excessive eating the roots of the hair, as the emphasis should be on the tips of the hair.

Owners of dry hair should choose a hairstyle that keep their shape well without any additional installation.

Greasy hair

The most common misconception about oily hair - that's what they are unwell. On the contrary, oily scalp is an excellent bactericidal shield. As for the appearance of hair, all that is needed to keep them in proper form - a wash, as appropriate, using the funds for oily hair. Good effect to suppress the activity of the sebaceous glands have rinses based on nettles.

Hair mixed type

Hair dry on tips and greasy at the roots need special care. In addition to the use of hair care products in the electoral procedure, so it is recommended not to withstand this type of hair conditioners and air conditioning for maximum time.

Dyed hair

Dyed hair have been affected to a greater extent, they are especially sensitive to sunlight due to the violation of their natural pigmentation. Therefore, they need extra protection and enhanced, for example, the simultaneous use of the balsam and tinting agents.

Hair washing

Wash your hair should, as soon as the hair is dirty, believe in the fairy tale about the dangers of frequent washing can be in the XVIII century, but not in the century XXI.

To neutralize a little of chlorine contained in tap water, soda water may be added (one half teaspoon per gallon of water). In no case should not wash your hair with hot water, as hot water excessively activates the sebaceous glands.

Using a shampoo according to the type of the scalp should be supplemented balm-conditioner. In order to choose the right balm, take some time, but when you manage to choose a suitable, a reward for your time and have tried funds would be decent. In addition to improving the condition of hair, their silky and shiny, balm facilitate combing, and thus reduce damage to the hair when combing.

Healthy Hair

Paradoxical as it may sound, healthy hair can not be, because they are not living in the full sense of the word. So when we talk about healthy hair, we mean their shiny appearance, as well as the health of their owner, the state of which affects the hair. Adversely affect the condition of hair stress and anxiety, lack of dietary substances such as zinc and biotin, the impact of sodium and chlorine (which are abundant in tap water).

Bad habits such as smoking or drinking large amounts of coffee, related, as a rule, experiences, as well worsen the condition of the hair.

Constant use of the dryer causes dehydration of hair and, consequently, their fragility. Therefore, using a hair dryer, do not finally dried hair to the end, you should leave a little wet. If time permits, dry or style your hair is not on the maximum power of the dryer. Hair dryer should be kept at least 15 inches from hair.

Hair do not respond well to the different kinds of "oppression." These should include a close and strong astringent hair accessories - all kinds of hair clips and rubber bands, as well as combs with sharp teeth. And then, and more can hurt your scalp and cause the appearance of split ends.

The hair is a mirror of the state of our body, in addition, they are highly susceptible to wind and sun, air pollution, frost. But a careful and proper hair care will make your hair and you irresistible and attractive.

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