How to save hair from the autumn depression

 Problems with health and appearance of hair - a sore point "transition" time of year. The lack of volume, dry ends, dull, brittle - and you know these misfortunes? JustLady, enlisting the advice of professionals, offers a range of ways to defeat them.

Galina The shaft, dermatologist, triholog: "To solve a problem you must comprehensively."

1. split ends have sostrich "The hard truth is that this is the only radical way out - various balms, despite advertising, only the" glue "tips. You can try a haircut "hot scissors", which like "solders" ends of her hair, giving it a healthy look. Then you need to heal and strengthen the hair. "

2. Revise the food. "To the deterioration of hair - their dryness, breakage, loss and even dandruff - results primarily deficiency of vitamins and diet illiterate. Simply put, our diet does not give the hair they need vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and without them, the hair simply can not be strong and healthy. Especially if you like to experiment with diets and instead Books about tasty and healthy food you table calorie foods. Olive oil, nuts, raw vegetables and fruits, seafood, whole-grain bread - all this must have for the beauty of hair. "

3. Start to drink vitamins. "Now let good facilities for hair, nails and skin. Autumn we especially need vitamin makeup. When you select should pay attention to their composition, in which besides the vitamins should include minerals such as calcium, iron. Also useful biotin and yeast complexes. "

4. Relax, get rid of stress. "It would seem, and it got to do with? Despite the fact that autumn blues and depression "lives" not only in our heads, but also transmitted throughout the body, including the skin and hair. They become dull, lose their luster. So if you do not get enough sleep and permanently experiencing negative emotions, the beauty for you, is not likely to be achieved. "

5. Locate the "their" money for hair care. "They do not necessarily have to be expensive. Our - domestic, herbs and grandmother's recipes - can cope with the problems of hair better than the French or Japanese. And one more rule: the smaller the shampoo, the better. Otherwise a great risk to overload, hair retain moisture. Ideal - Mix a tablespoon of shampoo in a glass of warm water and put in two steps. "

6. Hair suffer from the cold! "From the cold and wind generated numerous microdamages and constriction of the hair shaft - the hair becomes brittle. The best defense against this - the usual cap. "

7. Refer to the experts. "Coping with pronounced problems of hair (loss, dandruff) help salon and beauty treatments. Arsenal salons today is extensive massage, cryotherapy (cold therapy), ozone therapy, tricology laser, mesotherapy (microinjection of active drugs). It's not cheap procedure. "

Vasilina Golik, stylist: "Problems can be advantageous to cut hair and tuck"

1. split ends "Usually go together brittle and dry hair. Can solve this problem by regularly cutting hair - about a centimeter every six to eight weeks. For laying good care serums and creams for the hair ends, which do not need to rinse. Double effect - not only care, but also easy styling. Hot tongs (ironing) also make ends obedient, but every day they, of course, it is better not to use. "

2. electrifying hair "Pruning can be any, it is not a big deal. The main thing to warn about the barber his hair especially, to take into account when choosing this technique haircut. Not really stepped haircuts are advantageous only to the strands framing the face. "Stacked" with a hairdryer ionizers and tames "stand on end" hair with a spray for shine or just to strengthen hair styles. "

3. Dandruff "Unfortunately, no haircut does not relieve you of fungus, provoking dandruff. Have to be treated and do not forget about the air conditioning, because dandruff shampoos often have a withering effect. The trick to packing - the use of brushing. He lifts the hair at the roots, "masking" dandruff ".

4. Greasy hair "Short hair stay clean longer, so long curls - not for you. The best option - to avoid any styling products: hair faster with them dirty. If you think that without them, the hair is laid, then choose the lightest. And putting them back centimeter from the roots to avoid contact with the skin. "

5. Thin hair "Renata Litvinova, Lada Dance, Katya Lel thin hair, so they do not grow their them. The most sensible - to follow suit. Four of a Kind - this is the maximum. But it is best to look romantic "torn" haircut. If your hair is not too thick, then lay it will be much easier. Do not try to give a volume of a hairdryer - the effect will be short-lived and weak hair and over dried. Apply at the roots of the hair to add volume means. "

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