How much hair on his head

 Previously, you do not particularly pay attention to how much hair left on your hairbrush. But yesterday you meet old friends and noticed that her hair does not look so thick and lush as before. Or maybe you read a magazine article about hair loss and the terrible consequences of this phenomenon. The result - you have been looking for a comb with some suspicion and the number of hairs left on it after scratching, you seem intimidating.

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Women's magazine JustLady will try to help you sort out this issue, so you have time to time to take action, or vice versa, can settle down and make sure that you have everything in order.

How much hair on his head

For you certainly will not be the revelation of the fact thathair loses allExcept, of course, those who have nothing to lose. This is a completely normal process indicating that the upgrade process in your body take place as expected. The human body is arranged in such a way that the skin is constantly updated, the old cells die, but in their place there are new. The same applies tohairThat are part of the protective covers.

It's all clear, but this questionhow much hair should fall in the rate ofDoes not become less relevant. Unequivocal answer you probably will not satisfy, because experts estimate the norm can be considered a loss of 45 to 170 hairs a day.

This information is likely to further confuse you, so let's see what it depends on the figure.

First of all, it is logical to learnhow much hair on his head all should be. The question is simple, however, the answer is again ambiguous. Average number called experts - 100,000 hairs. Average - does not mean the right for you. The fact thatamount of hair varies depending on many factors. If you take the average European, then, with red hair, he is likely to have normal order of 70-80 thousand hairs. If it is dark, this number increases to 100,000. Brown shade holder added another 10 thousand pieces, and finally lead blondes, for which the average is considered a normal amount of 150,000 hairs.

How much hair on his head

It is also worth to know that not all hair follicles function simultaneously. Most of them (about 90%) continues to work honestly and produce hairs, while the rest are "on vacation" - sleeping or ready to be awakened. Also, it is estimated that in the process of falling at the same time is approximately 15% of the hair, hence the costs come in answering the question, how much hair should fall you personally.

Suppose you are brunette and take as a basis the normal amount of hair for you 100 000 pieces. It is estimated that 15% of this figure is 15 000. That's how much is being loss. The average duration of this stage lasts a little more than 3 months or 100 days. If we divide all falling hair on the number of days, we get 150. This will be your rate of hair loss on the day.

One should not panic at the sight of the hair bulb, which fell along with dead hair. Be sure the hair follicle - a cozy nest with a full supply of "food" for the new hair stayed in place. Rather worthpay attention to the hairThat had fallen without bulbs. If a closer look you see that it is thinner at the ends, then you most likely are not dealing with the fallout, and a brittle hair, and this is some other problem.

The next burning issue for most women is the question of whetherhow many lives and grows hair. With that little bit easier. Recent studies have shown that the average life of the hair continues within six months. The rate of growth depends on the time of year and even days. It is proved that in the warm season hair grow faster, the same happens at night. If you take the average figure, the hair grows per day on days 0, 3-0, 5 mm, which gives us a maximum of half an inch per month.

Sometimes it may create the false impression that youfalls too much hair. Moreover, the number of hairs on the comb is within normal limits, but one look in the mirror will allow you to make sure your hair thinned considerably. This occurs if the hair became thinner. It could also evidence that some of the hair follicles "a bit late on vacation." This is quite possible and is not uncommon for several reasons.

If you notice something like that, or the amount of hair shedding does not fit into the given framework should consult a specialist and time to begin treatment.

Alexander Panyutin
Women's magazine JustLady

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