Goths (subculture)

 Goths - representatives of goth subculture, inspired by the aesthetics of the Gothic novel, the aesthetics of death, gothic music and identify themselves to the gothic scene.

Under the heading Diet: Molokochay

Representatives of the movement appeared in 1979 in the wake of post-punk. Punk Goth shocking to channel into addiction to vampire aesthetics, to the dark vision of the world.

Distinctive appearance is ready

Black (or dark, then just black) or black with elements of other colors (mostly red) clothes.

Black long hair. Face unnaturally pale (with the help of powders).

High lace-up boots, boots or other informal footwear (New Rock, Swear).

Black corset, black tight-fitting sleeves and black skirt maxi (for girls), antique clothing, kleshenye sleeves, leather clothing (depending on belonging to one or another branch of the subculture).

Black bandage on hands (wrists).

Studded collar.

Eye stylized eyes of animals or just with imitation colorless iris.

Silver (or other white metal) decorations occult subjects.

Symbolism ready

Gothic aesthetics extremely eclectic recruitment used and popular characters, and can meet the Egyptian and Christian and Celtic symbols. The main character is a Gothic Egyptian "Ankh" (Ankh), symbol of eternal life. Entered into a subculture after the release of "vampire" film "Hunger" (with the "David Bowie"), where the main character, maniac, killed svoyh victims imprisonment Ankh. Also often used and other Egyptian symbols - such as the "Eye of Ra". Christian symbols used less abundant, mostly in the form of conventional crucifixes (only more stylish than usual design). Celtic symbolism is found in the form of heavy use of Celtic crosses and various Celtic ornaments. Widely represented occult symbols - used the pentagram (both normal and inverted), inverted crosses, eight-pointed stars (symbols of chaos). Also used a variety of different symbols of death - jewelry with coffins, skulls, etc.. d. By pure gothic symbols include bats - various images of bats (communication with vampires and goths obvious) you can meet hundreds of Gothic pages on the Internet and on the set ready in the form of jewelry.

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