Secrets of the popularity of jewelry

Secrets of the popularity of jewelry
 Jewelry more often can be seen even on representatives of the beau monde. These ornaments have long ceased to be regarded as "ersatz" jewelry substitute for the poor. The most fashionable trend of jewelry embodied today in jewelry.
 All variety of jewelry can be divided into two areas: the real imitation jewelry and original things. The first creates a decoration on traditional designs and is in demand among the mature ladies. Second differs unusual design and unconventional materials (wire, glass, fur, feathers) and created mainly for young people. It is easy to answer the question of why jewelry is so popular today in all sectors of society and among women of all ages.

It is these decorations the first to respond to changes in fashion and embody it in new collections. For the manufacture of jewelry jewelers today use the same techniques and often the same materials as for the production of jewelry. In the course are not only wood, leather, plastic, metal alloys are inexpensive, but pearls (imitation and artificially grown), Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones (malachite, jasper, turquoise, amber), semi-precious stones (amethyst, topaz, citrine).

Jewelry is good because it does not happen a lot. You can collect sets made of different materials and in different styles - more rigorous work, catchy and calls for parties, light and bright for summer. And all it will cost you is not too expensive, but for the collection of such collections of precious materials require significant cash expenditures.

But in whatever direction was not performed your jewelry, it allows you to stick to fashion trends in jewelery, to personalize their appearance with the help of jewelry. Even some silver products are too expensive for the majority of consumers, but almost every woman can find "their" jewelry that will fit into its image and highlight its external data.

Gold jewelry, no matter how expensive they are, will look ridiculous and out of place on young fashionistas. But inexpensive jewelry will be just right - and stylish, and effectively. And for adult fans of these gadgets, there are entire collection of "almost real" jewelry, which are not even ashamed to go to the ball.

So many styles of dress can not be combined with precious metals and stones - for example, hippie style or country. Can you imagine a village girl in gold and diamonds? But earrings made of wood, wicker bracelets, light floral necklaces are just right for fans of these styles.

Perhaps, gone are the days when the decorations were divided according to the principle that all is not gold, it is not worthy of a real woman. Wear what suits you!

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