Jewelry: how to choose what to combine

Jewelry: how to choose what to combine
 Shelf with jewelry can always be found even in the small dry goods store. These ornaments are becoming increasingly popular due to the low price and the original performance.

There are numerous types of jewelry. Strict jewelry, suitable for business as well. Pompous exquisite necklaces, earrings and rings that will look great on soiree. Plastic butterflies and flowers that attract girls - teenagers. Ladies of all ages will be able to pick up accessories to your taste.

 Select high-quality jewelry is not difficult. Scratch nail coating. If it comes down easily and remains on the fingers - manufacturers obviously saved on fixer. Make sure that was not cracked, chipped elements. Pay attention to the beads and stones. If they hang out in the grooves - refuse to purchase such jewelry.

 Any woman should be enough kinds of jewelry. She shares the everyday and festive. When making decorations on each day can be used any materials - wood, plastic, nut shells, etc. Especially now relevant accessories that combine romantic and punk styles. This can be a large chain of weaving, decorated with small beads or flowers made of metal. Large locks on the rough rope connected to the thread of artificial pearls delicate shades. Combine these decorations are best with vintage dresses and blouses with lots of frills.

 Business suit is perfect strict jewelry steel shades. Jewellery "golden" always look very cheap. They can afford to wear only little girls who, by definition, no expensive gold accessories.

 Going on a holiday evening, the best outfit to complement decorations from natural materials. If no suitable headset, pay attention to jewelry. Now in vogue volume rings and rings with stones or animal figures. Look for accessories that are suitable for evening dress. Try to keep the jewelry was similar to the real jewels do not need. Still experienced eye will notice a fake.

 Pay attention to the national jewelry when traveling abroad. If there is something original - be sure to purchase. Homemade ethnic jewelry is often made in a single copy. And there are no accessories none fashionista at home.

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