The relationship of the human psyche and cosmos

The relationship of the human psyche and cosmos
 Cosmoenergy - is a modern and very interesting branch of science. Many scholars in ancient times believed that the functioning of the human body is directly related to the energy flows from the cosmos. And even more actively Space affects the human psyche. In today's world, people who have kosmoenergetiki, learned how to manage these flows and pay them for their own benefit.

So, what is Cosmoenergy? In general, the method consists in using kosmoenergetiki space defined energy fields, which are believed to have medicinal properties. Strong energy cosmic flows heals the body and all its organs and systems. Also, people who have kosmoenergetiki, are sure to learn the cosmic energy field - then find a way to harmony, spiritual growth and a new way to perceive the world around us. In addition, a person who knows the power of the cosmos, completely changes his attitude toward people, and only for the better.

Kosmoenergetiki practitioner receives a powerful stamina, increases resistance to stress, mental and physical endurance, and most importantly, improves overall health. Cosmoenergy today - it is a rich body of knowledge and practices that worked out for centuries.

Wilhelm Reich, a famous Austrian physician and psychologist, believed that the human body has the ability to absorb cosmic energy through breathing and through direct inflow. This energy is freely distributed throughout the subject and is concentrated in those areas in which there may be a need for it.

Another scientist, psychologist, Czech Stanislav Grof, who dedicated his life to the study of altered states of the human psyche, was sure: Space has on the mental, emotional state a major impact. Grof wrote about so-called "transpersonal experiences" that prove a direct link humans with the cosmic energies. On this subject, the scientist wrote some interesting books, including "The Cosmic Game", "Beyond the Brain" and many others.

In recent decades there is so active exploration of the cosmos and the development of high technology, that there are significant changes in the Earth's magnetosphere. More and more people are beginning to feel the impact of the Cosmos: occur mood swings, changes in health. Meanwhile, scientists have argued that since energy and mind are interrelated, we can learn how to effectively use the two-way communication. A relationship, I must say, two-sided. For example, if a person is very spoiled the mood, energy becomes much less. And if the reduced inflow of energy - and the mood noticeably worse.

Using the knowledge of Space Energy, has the opportunity to maintain harmony in the mind and heart, and always feel a psychological mind.

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