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 Almost every woman, wanting to know what is waiting for her to come, from time to time drawn to the stars who advised how to avoid difficult situations in life. It features lovely women, we offer sports horoscope from which each representative of the zodiac sign will know in what kind of sports it will be successful.

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OWEN - Energetic and active nature, but often can not decide what channel to send its irrepressible energy. Of the fairer sex, born under this sign of the zodiac, you get a great striker, regardless of the type of sports games. She is also able to inspire and lead the whole team, not even being its captain. Achieving its goal, it is confidently moving forward, not looking at the results. In top form should prevail contrasting colors: red and black - it will give confidence in themselves and their abilities and, of course, affect the victory.

TAURUS - It is a sport, endurance and strong personality. Can achieve good results in almost any sport, whether it's tennis or long-distance running, but rowing awaits her special success. But do not get too zealous. Taurus is desirable to slow warm-up and leisurely workout. Sports will bring satisfaction and good humor, if done in a comfortable rhythm and your favorite music. For this zodiac sign are favorable bright and vivid colors - red, yellow, orange, bright green and bright blue.

TWINS - Essential members of any sports team having a great response. Choosing sportswear, better to give preference to their favorite color. For a woman, born under the sign of the zodiac, are ideal skating, biking and skiing, and hiking, jogging, tennis, and dancing.

CRAYFISH - Hardy, stubborn and tenacious defender of birth. Cancer likes to play sports on their own, because they do not accept the leadership of coach and obligations to partners for sport just its burdens. For a representative of this zodiac sign are ideal water sports, volleyball, or running. To keep yourself in good physical shape will not prevent bath and hydromassage.

LION - Can not imagine my life without sports game, because every game is the meaning of his life. Team, Leo often becomes the leader. Although the nature of the Lions have excellent explosive power, it is difficult to guide her in the right direction. Representative of this zodiac sign is not recommended to train in the heat of the sun and overwork in the gym, and better to abandon a visit to the sauna with friends. In sportswear should prevail silver color that will help Leo does not throw a workout.

VIRGO - Sports and compulsory, preferring in all rational style. In sport, she thinks all the details. Virgin important for variety, so it is best to combine a variety of sports. For example, dancing and swimming or jogging and playing tennis. And for the health of the Virgin are very useful cycling.

SCALES - Have an excellent sense of balance and style. Libra guaranteed success in gymnastics and figure skating and basketball, dancing, and even in cycling, including mountain. For training best suited afternoon. Company for sports can make friends or girlfriend, because Libra can not tolerate loneliness.

SCORPIO - Slowly but surely going to win. This sign is not enough flexibility, so it will suit any sports that help develop soft movement. You can start to learn swimming and skiing, then go to class and cross-fire. And the end result is not long to wait. Form for the sports better to choose dark colors.

SAGITTARIUS - Is the "sports" sign. Optimism and energy of Sagittarius is more than enough for the whole team. The incentive to engage in activities that are fire signs surroundings and attention of the opposite sex. Sagittarius is like no other sign of the zodiac are excellent aerobic exercise, fitness and is also suitable. Since this sign must be as much clean air, you should consider holding an exercise and training in the early morning in the park or park. Sagittarius can achieve great success in equestrian or cycling. In top form required toning colors: purple, purple and bright red.

CAPRICORN - A born strategist, purposeful and hardy zodiac sign. Prefers to smooth relations with its partners in the game, can not stand losing. Capricorn Protect knees before training is required to properly warm up the ligaments and muscles of the legs. This zodiac sign can achieve heights in basketball or the high jump, good results can be obtained from the cross-country skiing or weightlifting. The right attitude in any sport will create a darker tone in sportswear.

AQUARIUS - A great innovator who likes to experiment, in any sport always feels "a horse." Monotony quickly bored Aquarius, and he constantly changes his hobbies. Since he cherishes his freedom, then for a long time it will not be able to captivate any one sport.

FISH - This birthstone inherent laziness and melancholy. Overcome the ills help these various exercises that fish prefer to do alone. Fish fit well in any sports team and can stand up for themselves. To train the best time - early morning. For sports shoes must be carefully chosen, as in fish are considered the most vulnerable feet. The color does not play a big role in the choice of the form, as long as the latter was comfortable.

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