Reaching out to the stars. How to cope with the element of air?

Reaching out to the stars. How to cope with the element of air?
 This lightweight, movable element fully gave their children special qualities. As you may have guessed, we will focus on the most freedom-loving representatives of zodiacal signs belonging to the element of air. On-the-fly to perceive and assimilate information, they are superbly trained literally everything - it would wish. In representative of this element is always a lot of ideas, which he readily shared with others. He is generally very sociable, so it's easy to converge with people. In addition, a representative of the air is usually a great sense of humor, which makes it a universal favorite and soul of the company. Unfortunately, with the same ease as the representative of Air change their plans.  

It is easy to convince of anything, if not to appeal to the emotions, and to logic. Making such a person to perform monotonous, sedentary work almost impossible. That's really who truly awl in one place! His jokes can become acrimonious, and without any intention on his part. Social on the tops, he oddly enough, can gather and assimilate vast amounts of information, and just as easily without achieving a final result, abandon their ideas. If you want him to achieve something, you have to make every effort so that he himself wanted it, and at the same time in any case could not guess that trying to manipulate him.

Gemini (21.05- 21.06) - Realists, strong-willed, endowed with many talents, these people can be easily adapted to any environment, anywhere enjoying success. Amorous obayashki, manage to turn at the same time not one novel. Use anyone for their own purposes for them the rule rather than the exception. This sign is always in motion, and therefore can be no question about the performance of repetitive work. But in the trip, he always travels with pleasure, thus satisfying his irrepressible thirst for adventure.Gemini - incorrigible liars, never not listen to other people's adviceSo constantly get into trouble, often in conflict with the law. If you need a clown - look for it among twins, only then do not try to take offense at it. Twin touchy by nature, absolutely indifferent to the feelings of others. What can we do about it walking in? Catch a tailwind and race with him into the unknown distance. Only then, when he saw in you colleagues and associates, Gemini will treat you with the utmost seriousness, which is capable of this frivolous character.

Libra (23.09-22.10) - If among the signs of the zodiac to look harmonious nature, it is necessary to look at the balance. Just striving for excellence with a sense of beauty that can not be an explosion of emotions, they are always friendly. Readiness to help fellow distinguish them from most places. However, with no less willing they use their connections to achieve their goals.Stubbornness and bias Libra generates a large number of fanatics. It is not necessary to make enemies in the face of Libra, as their vengeance on the border with the aforementioned fanaticism, but because of high intelligence and great ability to manipulate people, the results can be unpredictable. Do not make the representatives of Libra to do anything by force. But trouble, you will not get anywhere, because Libra terribly lazy. In choosing friends or spouse Libra act according to the proverb: "Measure twice - cut once." They should not be rushed, you still will not get anywhere. In dealing with Libra is necessary to take their game rules, quietly manipulating them, and slowly, creating their habit to you and your opinion.

Aquarius (20.01 - 18.02) - the most controversial zodiac sign. Finished individualist, it easily fits in with people. Endowed with extraordinary intelligence, he is serious about mysticism, interested in everything unknown and quite frankly can believe in Barabashka. Do not worry about money or career, Aquarius easily makes this career to then spit on the progress achieved and to plunge headlong to the next crazy venture. Aquarius is always faithful to the high ideals and ready to defend them.Cranky and impatient, he is subject to momentary mood swings. More than anything, Aquarius values ​​his freedom, and any attempt to restrict it can lead to disaster, as Aquarius is prone to strong nervous breakdowns. If this person is not limited to, he shines his talents generously showering all around. As Libra, Aquarius is not offended by laziness, but nothing, it continues to be a generator of ideas. If you want to tame Aquarius treated with respect for their freedom and with indulgence to its optional, and you can be sure that he will appreciate your behavior on merit. The main thing - do not try to manipulate Aquarius, because thanks to his intuition and critical towards others, he successfully recognize these efforts.

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