Reaching out to the stars. Carefully, the element of Fire!

Reaching out to the stars. Carefully, the element of Fire!
 There's even a spot on the sun, not to mention the people, whatever birthstone they belong! But warned - is forearmed, and in this small series of articles magazine JustLady give you some tips on how to get along with the representatives of any of the four natural elements, to which we all belong to the moment of our birth.

For a start address to the element of Fire. The main characteristics that distinguish people belonging to this element are the energy, courage, impulsiveness. This is - the adventurers that can be easily sudden gust seeking all right now, immediately - or will never have. Impulsive, emotional, they are like a flame in the wind, flaring up, do not notice that the people around them were burned, and often - serious. To achieve their goal, they are willing to work for days. The sharper decline in activity occurs. This is logical, because the fire is easy to extinguish, pouring him a good bucket of water. Fire convince people, resulting in any case, it is impossible, they need to set an example, to infect enthusiasm. Selfish from birth - they prefer their own interests, making exceptions only for friends and relatives. In this case, their love of self as it envelops the surrounding his aura, warming and facilitating life. By the fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Aries (21.03 -19.04) - ward Mars, this sign, for all its virtues, has many shortcomings, and the major ones - intolerance, and firm conviction that the goal of all good. All his life - a struggle, and he receives from her sincere pleasure.War - his elementAnd Aries gladly creates around itself conflicts. He dreams of power and often dobivavaetsya it. Do not wait for him faithfulness in love - with his temperament and promiscuous, is the word for it - an empty phrase. But it will be hard and unsuccessfully to lie about their unearthly feeling. In addition, a relationship with him to find out useless, since his temper discussion will inevitably turn into a scandal. With all this help anything. Aries must either accept this, as it is, or do not do with him. In any case, when dealing with them, you have to exercise maximum prudence

Lion (23.07 - 22.08), the undisputed leader among all zodiac signs. Finished egoist, generously gifted by nature energy, lion feeds indomitable lust for power. His charisma, charm and inner ability to find common language with any help manage lion people. Generous, spontaneous, who can not or do not consider it necessary to pretend to be - he could not help evoke the sympathy and respect. Leo with all its advantages and has the lion's share of disadvantages.Aggressive, self-willed, if necessary, it is easy to sacrifice everything anything. Taking advantage of the reputation of a workaholic, Leo with great pleasure that pushes the work to others, then to assign the results. But these defects are completely overlapped with his devotion to friends, so if you want to live peacefully with Leo, try to make friends with him. Lev has a bad habit to cut a plain truth in the eye. The only way out of this situation - to take it with humor, bearing in mind that the truth is different, one can only be true. Fortunately, the lion on it and does not apply. Do not tease the sleeping lion, stepping on his ambitions, and coexistence with them will be quite comfortable.

Sagittarius (22.11 - 21.12) The charming, lively intelligent Sagittarius leaves no one indifferent, does not tolerate obstacles and overcomes them with glitter. Adventurous, brave Sagittarius loves adventure and fun to fit into any adventure. It is a pity that in addition to its undoubted advantages attached disadvantages such asgreed, irresponsibility, arrogance and impermanence. Like Leo, he does not hesitate to speak the truth in the eye, but it turns out he is a much more offensive because of its inherent mockery. Its independence makes married life like a seat on a barrel of gunpowder. With its shortcomings fight is almost impossible, since Sagittarius is well aware of them, and they are quite happy with it. It only remains to adjust to it and to stock large amounts of humor.

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