New Year's gift for the execution of desire

New Year's gift for the execution of desire
 New Year's gift can be very expensive, and maybe quite simple, almost a duty. But here's the most unusual and memorable - it is a gift, wish-fulfilling! If you want to make someone a real surprise, then gave something by which a person can believe that his dream will come true.
 Some people have the desire to simply perform, but at other requests such that deal is not easy. But if a person believes that the weight gain, and doing something for this, the dream comes true. A loved one can present such a gift that will give him just such an opportunity - to believe that the wish will be granted. In the new year, it acquires an additional shade, because in this holidays to make a wish.

For such a gift to need some kind of a small thing, it could be anything: a talisman, toy, trinket, something that just like a man bestow. You can use the figure of the Eastern symbol of the year. All kinds of small souvenirs made of stone are usually too good "work."

Gift sure to pack well and provide instruction. It specify that may be filled with only one desire. Include in box instructions on what needs to be done to wish fulfilled. List of action should be detailed and comprehensive.

There is an option, guaranteed wish-fulfilling if all the right thing to do. In the letter, along with a gift write that it is necessary to take into the hands of every morning or evening, or morning and evening, and then refer to it. For example, like this: "Good evening, dear ball of malachite. I care about you, because you have to help fulfill my heart's desire. " Now people have to say aloud their desire. It should be formulated and blurts same way every time, it is a prerequisite.

For example, you can say, "I want to get to the interesting and well-paid job," and repeat these words for a mascot, day after day, without changing their positions without adding new requirements.

Mandatory conditions: it must be only one desire, the wording is clear and easy to understand the man himself, that he asks of destiny. It is necessary to make a wish in the affirmative, without asking and without explanation, but just saying it as a prayer or request. An important condition: you do not just wish it theoretically, but have serious intentions. After all, life offers opportunities, but to use them should the man himself.

Around this should be described in the instructions to the present, to meet the desires. It seems that it is simple enough, but there is, in fact, more and more interesting. It is a psychological technique that really works. When a person is something keen and constantly focused on his goal in the head by themselves appear ideas of how to achieve this, and life, as it seems, she arranged the way you want.

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