Meaning of the name Maria

Meaning of the name Maria
 The name of Mary derived from the Hebrew name Miriam. There are several versions of the meaning of the name. On one of them, the meaning of the name "rejected" on the other - "sad". In Orthodoxy, it means "Mistress." The name sounds the same in all languages ​​of the world.

As a child, Mary is a very active, friendly and affectionate child. She is a good student, does not cause trouble to parents and has a lot of friends and acquaintances. This can be seen throughout the life of Masha, she loyal friend, does not forgive betrayal itself does not allow self-similar attitude to other people. At school, teachers put the girl in the example, regularly praised for good behavior.

Maria combines rigor with heart and passion with detachment and coldness. This often leads to the development of her highly controversial nature, but often some of these traits receives a substantial advantage by virtue of education and living conditions. Masha is usually different appreciable mobility, is not without a sense of humor, while at heart can ripen passion she would hide from others.

Mary was not able to hide his feelings for a long time, they only grow with time. Over the years, it can make a girl looks too strict and serious. In a circle of close friends, it can be transformed. She has great sensibility, very fond of their children. At times, her emotions are too strong, if the child is the only one capable of Maria dissolve in love for him without a trace.

Profession. which opted Masha relevant to medicine, pedagogy, philology, journalism and others. Here, a combination of rigor and warmth is reflected in full. From Mary did not get the perfect go-getter, she never would prefer a job family. Wonderful hostess, Mary, his entire life is dedicated to children and husband.

Mate is selected on the basis of its own positive qualities, the partner should share her hobbies and interests, try to be a friend and lover in one person.

If Mary does not learn to hide their feelings from others, fate can get very interesting. Especially when her sensuality breaks immediately, but after a certain time. Masha is very sensual, kind girl. You can not scoff at her, she understands the subtle humor they do not approve of blatant vulgarity.

Name day in the Orthodox calendar celebrate August 4, January 31, October 11, February 25.

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