How to see and read the aura

How to see and read the aura
 Human biofield, which is also called an aura, can tell a lot about their "owners". The main thing - to learn to see and read the aura. Some people with psychic abilities, may even determine the color and aura of serious diseases that threaten human health.
 In fact, to learn to see the aura is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. You'd be surprised, but ... enough to spend a few minutes and you'll be able to see and read the aura of objects, animals and humans.

The first thing you need to relax. When you are tense, the chances of seeing an aura of zero. To achieve total relaxation, it is important to choose the right lighting. The light should be soft and, at the same time well illuminate the room.

To get started is to practice on the book. Wrap it red or blue paper and put on the table. Do not forget to create the right background of neutral colors - gray, black, white. This can be used again or ordinary paper sheet.

When you're done, close your eyes and relax - do it to help a few deep breaths. Drop all unnecessary thoughts. You must be fully absorbed by the process. After that, mentally concentrate on the book, it does not focus on her eyes, he must be dispelled.

During the reading of the aura eyes should be as relaxed, their condition resembles sleepy. In this case, you are focused on the aura of the book. A few minutes - and you'll see how the book starts to come out pale milky aura. And then the aura will become more intense, change its color to yellow or green.

At this point, it is important to keep the eyes relaxed and unfocused look. It is not necessary to break away from the scene and try to see the aura closer - it instantly disappears as soon as you focus on the book.

As soon as you get to see the aura of a book, experiment with several wrapping them in different colors - blue, red, yellow. Try to remember the colors of the aura that you will see.

Then you can try to see the aura of indoor plants and animals, and then his own. The human aura depends on emotions. Happy people always exudes a bright aura. And in order to understand what the different colors of the aura, you can read books on color therapy.

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