Horoscope for Valentine's Day - 2008

 Valentine's Day has a special energy only because millions of people at the same time think "about it." And our desire, the promise that we create for himself magically resonate with the general atmosphere of romance, sensuality and impatience. Meetings, recognition gifts, love correction with mascots Feng Shui - all full of magic in this day of love.

Are you looking for a meeting with a loved one or for many years live in marriage with his second half - do not miss this day to be carried away again, to charm, to plunge into the atmosphere of pleasant memories. Aquarian trends of the day perfectly complement your expectations, and you will be exactly in the famous poetic mood, which deprives care and is pushing for a pleasant and reckless steps that make up the charm of life.


Aries male must take the initiative. Obstacles are expected, competitors you also easily bypass. Can you set for yourself for the day large-scale tasks that elevate you in the eyes of his beloved. Women need to wake up early before acting harmonious aspect of the Moon with Venus, and bring beauty. This will contribute to a good mood and will attract compliments and courtesies. Do not retire in the evening if you are looking for love. And please note that on this day the first step you should do if you feel mutual sympathy. Pay attention to the changes that are taking place in your life - that on February 14 you will feel like disappearing limitations and you realize that all over again in your hands.


For your plate already night of 13 to 14th can be filled with moments fun. Creative imagination tells you what it means to you personally. Perhaps you will sit a few magical hours on the Internet in correspondence with those who now occupies your thoughts. Or will it be something more real and enjoyable. Venus in Capricorn now demanding guarantees and the attributes of courtship. Gifts should be thought out and with a touch of quality and merit. Meeting in the evening can bring you a lot of bright emotions, but there is an element of unpredictability. It is very likely that this day you will think about some important decision.


Even if you are showering signs of attention on this day, you can feel that something is missing to be completely happy. Perhaps it will be a nostalgic emotion character remind you of past love. Check your mailboxes - Today you can get a letter that will fill you with excitement. And it is likely that you will want to extend this mood. You seem to retreat a step back in order to make a more smooth transition to what you want. Correspondence, phone calls, trips - today it is well combined with the features of the day; particularly in the second half. If your loved one next to go in the evening to the place where fun and interesting. You can bring your friends. Very important - to renew old acquaintances.


The morning of the day it will create the mood that you need to feel confident. At the same time, the shade of sentimentality will be present in the terminals where there is mutual sympathy. This may mean that you will want to get attentions not only from one person, but just plunge into the overall atmosphere of celebration and romance. This day does not set up for privacy. If you want to go somewhere, and then make or find another way to express their feelings and emotions. You can travel with your partner in mind. Today you can visit the interesting ideas. This is just a good day to dream and plan.


For the Lions is a unique day when the Sun joins forces with Mars and sets the acceleration of your ambitious plans. You see the purpose and benefits, but you need feedback from the partner. This is the time of surprises and contrasts, and all that you have in mind, to be extremely well can incarnate. Tune in to the fact that the promises made to you this day, have to perform. Do not extinguish the inspiration and initiative partner, even if things do not go according to the scenario that you have planned. Allow yourself and others to act irrationally; go in the evening with a loved one to wander through the city, ignoring the temptation to stay home. Energy of the day requires movement, adventure, romance and spectacular actions.


For Dev trends are more favorable in the first half of the day, and at this time (morning and night), you can express your feelings beautifully and get responses attentions. Mercury retrograde somehow draws you to the past, zagadyvaya have new puzzles. It is not easy to part with their former ideals. You'll be thankful if a partner or someone else today expressed the feelings that you have inside. You want to plunge into the memories, and at the same time to the other person as warmly and gratefully thought of you. Telepathic contacts are possible as well as the unexpected, "non-random" encounter.


This is a unique moment to change the style of relations. If you show restraint, you can be bolder. But the real surprise in your life will begin from February 18. Now you are set to give and bestow guaranteed response tokens and possibly balance the in deciding on something bigger. You can easily enchant, seduce, but it is instantly ready to step back, if you do not feel entirely own attention and feelings partner. "All or Nothing" - you may well think so. In the hands of all the cards you have to change your life, and you own situation. If the decision is made, then the front you have a very interesting time with unpredictable twists and new features.


Today is a day of amazing resonances, and even a hint would be enough to events received rapid course. You tend to wait indefinitely until the object of your thoughts, feelings and desires will show him that you are too cute. But do not miss this day, if the situation is revealed and you only need a reason to bring happiness to another person its finally candid intentions. Good luck to this day and for married Scorpions. You will be able to carry out their plans, which will demonstrate the strength of your feelings partner. Energy is an opportune time for the manifestation of all shades of love, but most of all - for the physical side of it or love struggle - as a prelude or main intention - as you like.


Bright, contrasting energy of this day will give you an excellent opportunity to show his sense of humor and come up with for a loved one and friends of fun surprises and activities. For Sagittarius winter-spring of the year 2008 will be a period of unexpected changes and new opportunities. You will effortlessly generate ideas and attract attention. And it can make a big step in his personal life rather lightly. Therefore, Valentine's Day to reflect on their plans and priorities. This is a good time to share with another person signs of sympathy and let them know your intentions. Well, the holiday night - of course, up to you. No one is better Sagittarius this will fail.


Despite the fact that what is happening will play a big role charm of the moment and an illusion due to the strong influence of the neighboring sign of Aquarius - the basis of your actions will be serious. Am extremely favorable for the events that lead to a pleasant change in his personal life. Valentine's Day is well timed recognition, offer, ad engagement. In the evening will be a very different mood - sweet impatience, some incontinence and desire to catch up. You can opt out of the habit to keep secrets. A feature of this day will be frank and lots of words that you would not normally inclined to say.


The energy of new ideas and plans flow comes into your life. For Aquarius is a unique day which connects dreams with the possibilities. And yet, if the proximity to someone so far only planned, you'd better wait, no matter how much you want it. Aquarians are able to create memories. Take this time more attention to concrete signs of attention, make gifts of value for a loved one. Mercury in Aquarius will make your recognition brilliant improvisation. Try to capture them in the form of an e-mail or even better - on a beautiful card to warm your senses do not just claimed sparks fire in the night sky.


Whatever one may think your partner or others, but that you choose the tone and directing the situation of the day. You may be confused and a little confused by the memories flooding back that, and from that the total energy that permeates all of space and contacts - real and virtual. Connect a loved one or friends to this topic, take a stroll along the places with which you are associated pleasant moments. Look through photo albums, listen to "the very same" music. Such romantic classes will do the job - and you will fail at that state of mind, which stimulates the imagination and from which are born new desires and plans. And you will not let intuition, if you feel that your heart beats in unison with the other - it is such a magical day!

Irina Zvyagina

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