Does the horoscope for real life

Does the horoscope for real life
 Large numbers of people belong to different horoscopes rather skeptical. Nevertheless, all of the existing situation on the planet Earth, anyway, played in the life of every person, and every feeling the overall energy impact of celestial bodies.
 The question is, in what form and degree they manifest in the life of a particular person? It is responsible and individual horoscope, which is unique and unique.

Always taken into account the horoscope based on three types of human existence at the same time: the physical, emotional and astral worlds. The first type of horoscopes gives information about that at the special position of the planets at the time of birth for a man determined what will be his physique, eye color, the size of the ears as it will go, than to hurt, etc. This type, for example, refers horoscope health.

The second type of horoscopes captures the influence of the planets at the moment of conception. Such horoscopes say how a subconscious, emotional traits which it laid down and what potential it hidden. These are the zodiac, horoscope, numerology and the like.

And finally, the astral horoscope (eg horoscope love compatibility) are postsecondary programs of human life. According to them, the person is able to simulate the real situation, to focus their attention on it and develop an algorithm of actions. Traits that nature bestowed at birth, is a unique combination of cosmic influences, and they are unique.

After reading your horoscope for the first time, you are likely to apprehend only a superficial level, I thought that all you know, and there is nothing unusual and interesting in the written text. Later you will look for the answer to your questions or solve pressing problems in life, returning to the read horoscope. Be sure to analyze the actual events, comparing them with the facts set out to understand what is happening around you.

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