Chinese Horoscope 2011

Chinese Horoscope 2011
 Nearing the end of the year and everyone is trying to look beyond the invisible border: what to expect there, the period of holiday and Christmas trees dressed up? How to start the new year? What events to expect and what to prepare? And let us convince skeptics that all the astrological forecasts of not more than beautiful fairy to help people acquire at least some guarantee for the future, we will still each time carefully grasp the meaning of a horoscope: What if happiness is near and costs only lend a hand? Chinese Horoscope 2011 - the theme of this article in a woman's magazine JustLady.

Let's take a closer look at what we promise Eastern sages, astrologers, try to draw conclusions and to prepare. Imagine, just knock luck to our house - and we are already here, dressed up and standing smile: come in, say, a long time waiting for you!

Joking aside, and the Chinese horoscope is based on quite serious astrological calculations. The classification is based twelve-year cycle, each year that passes under the symbol of an animal. Animal, specifying the name of the year, forms and its main characteristics in terms of various accidents and the general mood under which this time will pass. Based on this, you can plan some events, personal life and the direction of their professional activities. Just do not take everything clear: if there comes a Year of the Tiger, it does not mean that you have to bite and growl, and Year of the Pig does not call to forget about cleanliness and order.Chinese Horoscope 2011As, indeed, any other horoscope, gives detailed recommendations, talks about the general trends of human development and the aspects on which it is desirable to pay attention.

And So,Chinese Horoscope 2011 says the coming year - the year of the Rabbit. White, fluffy and such pleasant in all respects a small animal. Once portrayed: a green lawn, daisies, dandelions and hare family, peacefully nibbling grass. All such charming and long-eared, quiet and absolutely peaceful. That the coming year is projected to be calm and relaxed a little, without natural disasters and other tragic events. At the forefront of human relationships, family and children (rabbits because such loving!).

Chinese Horoscope 2011 encouraging: the coming year promises great turmoil. Year of the Tiger made many nervous, rethink values. Not all touched by this equally, many young victims were treated, but that excitement in my life were present, no one will deny. Year of the Rabbit promises to be even and bring only good, pleasant events. Couples will further strengthen its relations, will be brought together and be able to resolve the accumulated problems of the previous year.

By the way, if you believeChinese horoscope 2011This year is favorable for couples who are planning to have a baby. Children who were born in the Year of the Rabbit differ friendly disposition, sociability and some slowness in the judgments that women's magazine JustLady call more accurate word: judgment. "Rabbits" go through life without haste, do not forget to do halts for dinner and sleep. And always hits the target, because the Holy abide by the rules: quieter jump on going.

Here and now is the time to remember that the Japanese horoscope coming year is called the year of the Cat. It seems that the difference is not great - and he and the other such pussies and paws. But! Let's take a closer look. Cats only at first glance seem to be good-natured, purring creations - try not to feed them on time or spank for any fault. They immediately release their claws!

Chinese Horoscope 2011 warns that despite the relative prosperity, should not relax. Monitor the situation at the right time to change tactics and try to always find a common language with other people. Otherwise, minor quarrels and misunderstandings will be transferred to the category of escalation of the conflict, and fluffy rabbit-cat show sharp claws.

Especially favorable during this period will be for people born in the Year of the Horse, Goat and Pig. Metal Rabbit (as he callsChinese Horoscope 2011) Gets on well with them, always goes forward and never refuses to help. Available representatives of these characters have a huge chance to meet your other half. In professional terms, the same growth is possible. Optionally, that relationship will move into something more serious, and the business will go sharply uphill - still promises to be a year without much change. But some nice changes in life is possible.

Rabbit will be difficult to find a common language with a rooster, tiger, bull rats. Representatives of these signs will have to try hard to problems and troubles passed them by. Women's magazine and JustLadyChinese Horoscope 2011 advise: Moderate ambitions and constant desire to be better than others, learn to compromise. Year of the Tiger, who demanded decisive actions, sometimes to the point of aggression ended. There was a time of reflection and quiet contemplation. Think, look around and schedule goals that you would like to achieve.

Chinese Horoscope 2011 - celebrated the New Year

Now a little about the signs and rules. The colors of the coming year - white, yellow, gold. What kind of dress you need to put on a holiday to please Rabbit? Guessed? On the table must be present apples, greens and fish dishes. What the Cat, Rabbit - hopefully understand. It would be nice to put somewhere in the corner of the plush rabbit - albeit with you meet the coming year. And do not forget about a small but significant details: New year on the eastern calendar begins on February 16. Another good reason to celebrate!

 Svetlana Krutova
Women's magazine JustLady

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