Chronic losers: how to recognize and can we treat?

Chronic losers: how to recognize and can we treat?
 The writer argues Xenia Bazhenov pages JustLady on chronic loser. The education she is a journalist. After graduating from the journalism faculty of Moscow State University for many years worked as a copywriter in various advertising agencies and the media. Currently devotes herself to writing. The publishing house "Eksmo" released a new novel by the author of "Kill Your Dragon."

One of my wise friend, an adult (over fifty deep), a successful and life-affirming, despite many troubles in life, a woman who always told me this: Ksyushenka never communicate with luck and negative people. They will always pull you down.

At this point readers to ask a very keen sense of justice and a strong share of luck life throws at me. And immediately explain what is meant. Vyshenapisannogo of text you would think that I urge not to be friends with people who have a life not everything goes. But it is not so. Jeanne herself, namely the so-called my girlfriend went through fire, water and copper pipes. But that's quite a recent example: breaking the very foot in an accident in which she was not to blame, she literally crawled in a cast this spring in their dacha gardens to obkopat trees and plant new flowers. In this case, all accompanied by a commentary with a terrific sense of humor and without watering abuse perpetrators disaster. And here is someone who, as her only click as will gather a bunch of assistants. But just like most. And I understand it. People who constantly whine that everything is bad, I'm not pretty. And with them we fall deeper into really nasty attitude.

Everyone in life happens a certain number of failures. Someone more, someone less. I - not the exception. And I'm really getting very bad. But I let myself fall into this state for a certain time. (And God forbid, that has not happened to me such horror, when I from this vital concept refused). And my friends are the same. Their little, but they are different: the poor, but without an office; rich, but with a bunch of hemorrhoids at work; a single mother, abandoned by his wife; not abandoned, but to offend her husband. And the work does not work, there is; and big trouble in families happen - do not even want to talk about it, pah-pah-pah. That is obvious failures constantly available. But that's because any one of them to call us (ie a circle of friends), and says, "So, girls, zadolbalas I happened to such and such garbage, I depressnyak, need to get out". And we're going. It happens that a couple of days. With children, dinner, wine, movies, talk until the morning and before you know. experienced. Sort and arrange everything. until next time.

Well ... Let's go back to the topic of "chronic loser: how to recognize." Most likely such a person in your environment is. And it is easy to recognize. Personally, I know two people while studying at university. Both were boys. (No such girls, by the way, I have not met. We see the girls still stronger in spirit, that would not have said). Both are no longer alive. But they do, and it was sorely evident right themselves always run up. Although both were talented, intelligent and beautiful. I'm so sorry. One of them was my really good friend. I pretty much talk to him, but could not influence it. Obviously it was not necessary. He himself directly as if swept down, doing the obvious self-destruction. He always said that he was unlucky, but by the thought that the guy is extremely forward.

Renowned screenwriter Tonino Guerra, in twenty years caught in a concentration camp, said in an interview like this: - Many times I felt happy. But I have never felt so happy as when I was released and I saw a butterfly without the desire to eat. - So, when you once again feel unlucky man, think about the condition and move on. And this is the question of how to treat. It seems to me, just need to find myself. To probe the world on the subject, and where I will feel good. In my opinion, it's not even a question of money. Although successful in our world is the one person who has a certain amount of banknotes. But often it is not the growth of well-being scale, and the question of relations with the world and their place in it. This, rather than the fictional income, conventions and circumstances. If you find this place, the question of well-being "Udacnik" will be solved by itself. And as I said, my favorite poet Vladimir Mayakovsky:

For fun
our planet
poorly equipped.
in the coming days.
In this life
not difficult.
Make life
much more difficult.

Summary: not to be a chronic loser - should work! Both physically and mentally, and spiritually. Here I personally try. Not always succeed, but I try. :)

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