Mysteries of dreams: nightmares

Mysteries of dreams: nightmares
 Dreams - the most mysterious phenomenon that has not yet been indecipherable. During sleep, the human body to relax and rest after a hectic day of activity.

In ancient times, there was even a cult of worship of the god who, according to legend, gives people dreams. And if during the day people behaved badly, commit bad deeds, God punished them and sent them nightmares, and good people - good and positive dreams. During the war the German invaders as torture is not allowed to sleep Soviet soldiers who put them on experiments. We also know, if you do not sleep for several days, the stormy brain activity can lead to a complete obfuscation, the boundary between reality and fiction will be erased appears irritability and aggression.

Nightmares are a useful tool. They are removed, first of all, in order for people to pay attention to some problems in life, whether it's stress, illness or fear. During the nightmare vision of a person can get an answer to his question, to draw a new idea, fully mobilize their energy reserves (recharge the internal battery). Older people say that nightmares should pay particular attention to the nightmare in a dream not become a reality.

One of several reasons terrible dreams is the fear that often arises from the subconscious. For example, you do not like change, and you are transferring to another department and in a completely different city. Your own family, you do not show, but subconsciously afraid (to bring leadership to disappoint relatives, etc..d.). This fear is transformed into sleep and you dream a nightmare day of your life in your new job. If this happens, the most important thing, do not worry. Sit down, analyze your entire nightmare decide the subjects of your fears, tell us about their fears loved ones, try looking for the interpreter to translate dreams and symbols (eg, extracted teeth with blood mean the loss of blood relatives). It is best to record your sleep. You can also try to control it (after all, you do it yourself and have created). For example, to change the end of the nightmare, make it good. So look to face your fears, and the nightmare dissipated with the first rays of the sun.

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