Lunar calendar for those who want to lose weight (July)

 Vasilisa VOLODINA astrologer advises on what days is better and easier to lose weight, and in which it is not necessary to exhaust yourself starvation.

1 - 13.07. Moon is waning. This time is favorable for the beginning of the long-term diets.

14 - 30.07. Waxing Moon will lose a few pounds quickly, but keep the achieved results will be difficult for a long time.

July 1, the Moon in Capricorn. "Lose it! "- The motto of the day, the best in the month to lose weight. Optimal diet - malouglevodnaya, that is, without sugar, bread, potatoes and sweet fruit.

2 - July 3, the Moon in Aquarius. These days also help to lose weight. Try to make vegetable breakfast, lunch, light, and from dinner to give at all.

4 - July 6, the Moon in Aquarius. Lose weight today is difficult, it is not necessary to break a lance and torture yourself by starvation. Give only sweet and alcoholic beverages.

7 - July 8, Moon in Aries. Without exercise diet will not help. So what better way to spend the weekend as actively as possible - in nature, the cottage or in the gym.

9 - 10 July, Moon in Taurus. Choosing foods store, pay attention to the amount of calories in them. All that contains more than 4 grams of fat and 150 Kcal per 100 grams of weight, bad today.

11 - 12 July, Moon in Gemini. Laughter - a great tool for weight loss. When the laugh, but when the Moon is in Gemini. Part-time chat with a refrigerator should be replaced with low-fat cottage cheese and a good comedy.

13 - 14 July, Moon in Cancer. Not be able to lose weight, but gain a few pounds in just these couple of days - easily. Salvation will be moderation in food, as well as douche 2 times a day (it burns a lot of calories).

15 - 17 July, Moon in Leo. Arrange home disco - do not be afraid to attract hot dances of all family members, young and old. 20 minutes of active dancing - it is minus 15 grams. A little bit, but still!

18 - 19 July, Moon in Virgo. Perform one of these days kefir diet. Requires 1 liter of low-fat yogurt and a lot of patience, as about the rest of the food is better to forget.

20 - 21 July, Moon in Libra. Chocolate, sugar and other sweets today is better to replace dried fruits and nuts.

22 - 24 July, Moon in Scorpio. Sometimes meditation helps to lose weight best diet. In the evening, one of these days spend a session focusing - focus your attention on the lower point of the spine, breathing quietly, imagining with each exhalation lose weight.

25 - 26 July, Moon in Sagittarius. Lose Weight on the run. Begin these days with a jog in the evening stroll home from work on foot (path should take at least 45 minutes).

27 - 29 July, Moon in Capricorn. Spend fasting days on boiled buckwheat without salt. In addition to it, there is nothing impossible. Not very appetizing, but the result will be noticeable almost immediately.

30 - July 31, the Moon in Aquarius. Arrange a fruit and vegetable feast. Drink more green tea and yerba mate tea, but the coffee is better to refuse.

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