How to program dreams

How to program dreams
 The ability to program dreams gives an opportunity to solve the problems faced by his. Possessing skills quickly reach a state of meditation, you can manipulate the brain on their own, "ordering" the dreams of their own accord.
 Learn to program dreams everyone can. Before going to sleep, try to visualize exciting you the problem. Claim mind, what do you expect that the solution will come to you in a dream.

Waking up in the morning, immediately write down what you saw in a dream. Do not expect that the decision will be easy, you will need some time to decipher what he saw. Record your dream as soon as you wake up, otherwise you can forget it.

Any business requires skill. If you fail the first time, continue to experience the next time. Believe me, the decision will come soon. It is very important to believe in the dream can get the necessary information, which contains the answer to your question. Your patience is rewarded, if you consistently learn programming dreams. Most importantly, every day to record sleep immediately after waking up.

All the messages that people see in a dream, associated with the subconscious. Daily recording your dreams, you can learn to quickly understand the meaning of information transmitted through dreams, and join in the process of searching for higher meaning in dreams.

It is believed that water is the basic element, patronage dreams. To program the sleep, use the faceted glass without inscriptions or figures. Put it under cold water, let it stand there for a while. Running water has the ability to clear the information. For your personal cup is enough for 10 minutes, if not your cup, hold it under water for about 8 hours. Use one cup, do not forget to rinse it every time before use. In the glass it is necessary to pour cold water, then on a blank sheet of paper write the specific issue and put the glass next to the bed. List of questions need to set fire to a match, holding it so that the ash fell into a glass of water. Extinct match also throw in the water. Put it at the head of the bed.

Waking up, write down all the symbols of your dream. Do not remove the glass, if the first night of the answer to the question came. On the second day, then try again. Response time is usually on the second night, so do not forget to clean the glass on the third night.

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