How to learn to see the lucid dreams

How to learn to see the lucid dreams
 Lucid dream (OS) differs from the ordinary that a man knows that he is asleep and can control their behavior. Besides the fact that lucid dreaming - the most powerful spiritual practice, it is very interesting to do, because in this dream a man can do whatever he pleases: to fly, to visit other countries and the world, to be treated, fight monsters and even hugging Marilyn Monroe.
 Try to sleep fully, as if the body is worn out, it becomes the main purpose of rest, and may have no awareness of energy. There are several ways to get into a lucid dream: direct techniques (you go into the operating system of the waking state), indirect techniques (done immediately after waking up). In addition, it is possible to recognize themselves in ordinary sleep and then make meaningful action.

Beginners are best obtained by indirect techniques, but lucid dreams - an individual matter, and it is possible that you are one of those people that are difficult given easier. So you should try different techniques.

Technician entering the OS set (indirect techniques available and simply stated Michael Rainbow), but to make them work, you must have the intention to realize himself in a dream, do tests on the reality and learn to remember their dreams. To activate the memory, start keeping a diary of dreams, writing down there, both conscious and unconscious dreams. This should be done immediately after waking up, without being distracted by extraneous thoughts, or sleep weathered parts of the memory.

Do the test of reality, that is, make sure you do not sleep at the moment. If your mind such checks will be commonplace, to realize in the dream will not be a problem. During the day, ask yourself: "Why do not I sleep? "Pinching himself useless, as the feeling of conscious sleep or slightly inferior to the real.

Just follow the chain of their actions: How did you get in this place, that you have done before, ordinary wear you out. If everything is logical and normal, it is a reality. If you are in town, but do not remember how we got here, you strange clothes, and besides, you are a pirate - you're in a dream. Alternatively, you can try to turn on or off the light (in a dream that does not work), hold your nose and take a breath (in a dream it will turn out). Such tests can be performed spontaneously, but it is more convenient to assign them to the realities of life, for example, to check every time you want to smoke, or when you see the traffic light.

If you decide to practice lucid dreaming, you must have the intention - the firm conviction that everything will turn out. Let's imagine the installation during the day and when you go to bed several times pronouncing himself his desire to see themselves in a dream. In addition, create and specify a goal (what you will do in Osa), not to get lost on the spot. Try to always be "in the know": read the book by Stephen LaBerge, Michael Rainbow, Carlos Castaneda, Robert Alan Monroe, Robert the Bruce, and others. It will be useful to find a mentor who is ready to share its experience, as well as fellow dreamers, with whom you can discuss successes.

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