How to learn to remember dreams

How to learn to remember dreams
 Good to remember dreams - the first task for people who want to learn lucid dreaming, because none of practice does not help, if you can not remember anything. This skill will be useful for everyone else, because the dream tells a person about his fears, unresolved problems, hidden diseases, and also provides access to other important information.
 On average, people see 10-15 dreams per night. If a person claims that he did not dream dreams, then he just can not remember them. Remember dreams easiest if you wake up during the so-called REM sleep (at this time, and there are images). At this point, the eyeballs move a sleeping man, and if his wake, he remembers that he had dreamed of this moment.

To memorize your dreams, you can ask the other person to follow the movements of your eyes and wake up at the right time or set an alarm for every hour - so the probability wake up during REM sleep will be higher. But this technique is difficult to use every night, and wake up every hour - not a pleasant occupation. It is better to gradually accustom themselves to remember dreams.

The first thing to make clear your mind, it is an important skill for him. After all, a person's memory automatically discards all the unnecessary, not to overload. To make corrections to the "Settings" memory, start keeping a diary of dreams. This may be an ordinary notebook or an electronic document - the main thing to try to write down their dreams every night, even if I remembered something vague and maloosmyslennoe. Over time, the recall will be much easier.

To remember dreams better lie down immediately after waking up a few minutes motionless, trying not to be distracted by the urgent business. Think of how much detail each sleep, and then write them into the diary with the date. Even if the person thinks that he well remembered the dream and be able to write it after breakfast, by the time perestoitsya consciousness to another mode, and details of sleep can forget. Therefore it is better to keep the blog next to the bed and take notes every time you wake up at night (if that record). If you do not want to turn on the lights, you can use the recorder in the morning to rewrite everything in a diary.

If you practice lucid dreaming, record, both conscious and unconscious dreams. In the second case indicate techniques that you do before you go to bed. In his notes underline the points that differ from real life (talking animals, flying over the city, monsters, etc.) - the next time it will help you understand what you are asleep.

Another trick: bedtime play in the memory of the events of the day with a moment of waking up to the moment you go to sleep. You can remember and in reverse order - the main train your memory to remember the sequence of events.

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