How to explain the value of sleep

How to explain the value of sleep
 It is believed that dreams - a window to the future, the ability to look at future events and prepare for them at all, or to change the destiny. However, opening the morning Horoscopes, you will find that the same concept can mean very different things in the books of various authors.
 In the dream, the brain processes the huge amount of information, sorts them and lay on the shelves. Little wonder, then at night you can see how to perform daily tasks - talking with colleagues, dinner with her husband, late for work, traveling by tram to the parents. Not every dream requires interpretation. Usually only the importance of dreams, which sank into your soul, and you remember their contents even after a few days.

To learn how to interpret dreams, the first time you have to work hard. Get yourself a notebook in which you write things you dreamed, their meanings in different dream books and events to happen to you. It must be done in order to know which one is right for you dream book. Spending a month or two, then you can confidently pick up the book you want, knowing that it will find the answer.

Listen to your personal associations. It is believed that if in a dream teeth fall out, it promises misery loved ones. But if such a dream dreams dentist or a person recently visited a dentist's office, the causes of sleep will be totally different.

Should pay attention to dreams foretelling the disease. The disease may still does not manifest itself and do not bother you, but your body is already sending you signs that with him all right. If you periodically dream that you hurt in the same place, it is an occasion to check there are bodies. In the dream, enemy arrow regularly hits the right side? Explore the liver. During the explosion, you got caught his foot in a pile of rubble? Check the joints.

Listen to the feelings that remain after you wake up. You may have seen in a dream a strange way, but in the morning you feel ease and elation. This dream can only promise happiness to its owner.

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