How to develop force

How to develop force
 Man - a being difficult, he always strives for excellence and originality. Fashion magic and magic fails, many people want to find a something mystical and powerful. Rituals for calling and receiving power from the Elements on the internet and in books you can find many, simply select one for yourself that liking.
 The fair sex want to encourage the forces of nature, that they helped them to be beautiful and attractive to men, to keep eternal youth. Space willing to share their own people that they need to perform good deeds, and not for destruction. Your pure thoughts - a guarantee of success.

This ritual is simple enough that it could hold inexperienced girl. And can spend it indoors and outdoors. Force you to draw from all elements at once. It is better to choose a place where you will feel their strength - the seashore, a hilltop forest glade.

If you are not able to carry out the ritual in nature, take items that will symbolize these verses. For example, the water in the cup, the ball with the air stone, plant, lighted candle.

In the selected place, draw a pentagram - a symbol of the Great Five. The sign should be of a size so you can easily accommodate in its center. Four beam star should look at the four cardinal points. Spiritual same verse will be on the south-east between the line and the line of Fire Air.

Crayons draw a pentagram in the room and in nature it can draw a stick or staff. On the seashore to cope with their hands over the soft sand. Draw a circle around the star, which will touch the tips of the rays. This magic circle. Get in the center of the pentagram, without touching the lines drawing.

Do not forget to place the objects in the corners of the Elements stars. Air (ball) on the east line of secure, fire a candle flame put on the south line of the stone put in the northern corner of the earth, and in the west - a cup of water. Subject Spirit put on the southeast line of stars. On the ground or sand draw symbols depicting the Elements.

Sit in the center and close your eyes, relax and open your energy channels. Imagine every element - its sight, sound, smell. For example, the thickness of the water and waves, the surf, the smell of sea salt. Separate mentally from this mass of water trickle thread and pull it toward you to take the power of the elements of Water.

Then represents the earth - mountains, fields, volcanoes, rocks and soil layers. Pull the thread to his forces of the Earth. The fiery sun, the flame fires will give you a red thread forces of Fire. Caressing breeze, raging hurricane force Air lend a blue thread. Animals of the planet, its plants - that's life, she will give you a streak of green.

All these powerful thread woven into one, which will give you strength. Ye have nourished it, untwist these links and thank each verse for the help. Ritual improve your eyesight, physical stamina, and the mind becomes pure, thoughts - calm.

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