Calendar haircuts for October 2007

 There are proven more than one generation patterns that affect succeed or fail hairstyle. Of course you need to choose a good master, but also need to know at what position of the moon cost cutting hair, while some do not. On the basis of this knowledge, and was drafted this horoscope hairstyles.

Horoscope October 1, Monday.
Moon in Gemini allows air hairstyles. After cutting it these days hair grow rapidly, but their structure and the state does not change.

Horoscope for October 2, Tuesday.
An auspicious day for the formation of air, lush hairstyles.

Horoscope for October 3, Wednesday.
After the haircut hairstyle completely holds its shape, hair is unruly, not to style. During this period, it is not recommended to wash my hair.

Horoscope for October 4, Thursday.
By the calendar haircuts, this day can not be adverse to cut hair.

Horoscope for October 5, Friday.
A beautiful day for cutting hair. Mowing will make your hair beautiful, lush and silky. Doing perm today, October 6 and 7, leave it for less time, or risk getting so very curly head.

Horoscope for October 6, Saturday.
Very auspicious day for haircuts, hair will become better and stronger. Good day for hair coloring.

Horoscope for October 7, Sunday.
Mow, the health of your hair - it will affect positively.

Horoscope for October 8, Monday.
Very auspicious day for cutting hair and use of chemicals -okraska, perm.

Horoscope for October 9, Tuesday.
As a result, hair clippers will increase the charm of appearance, you will please people. Beneficial use of chemicals - coloring, perming.

Horoscope for October 10, Wednesday.
Today on the lunar calendar 29 lunar day - the worst in the lunar calendar. Unfavorable day for cutting hair.

Horoscope for October 11, Thursday.
After the haircut hair grow rapidly, but their structure and the state does not change.

Horoscope for October 12, Friday.
Opportune time to create a lush hairstyles. Mowing will not affect globally on the structure and condition of the hair.

Horoscope for October 13, Saturday.
Neutral day for cutting hair.

Horoscope for October 14, Sunday.
Lunar - neutral day for cutting hair.

Horoscope for October 15, Monday.
When mowing on a day hairstyle can quickly lose their shape, hair is unruly and grow quickly.

Horoscope for October 16 Tuesday.
Neutral day for cutting hair.

Horoscope for October 17, Wednesday.
According to the lunar calendar - this is a good period for haircuts, hair texture changes, but they will grow faster.

Horoscope for October 18, Thursday.
A good day to visit the barber, hair grows better, and whipped and fall less.

Horoscope for October 19, Friday.
A good time to visit a barber. Hair grow well, to strengthen and improve its structure, less whipped.

Horoscope for October 20, Saturday.
Lunar haircuts that day a poor day for cutting hair, there is a risk of hair loss.

Horoscope for October 21, Sunday.
This lunar day is good for experiments over his head, but a normal haircut may be unsuccessful.

Horoscope for October 22, Monday.
Haircuts neutral on the calendar day for cutting hair.

Horoscope for October 23, Tuesday.
It is not necessary to cut hair today, it may lead to their loss. Mowing will be a long time to grow, and the structure of the hair will become worse.

Horoscope for October 24, Wednesday.
Horoscope hairstyles - an unfavorable day for cutting hair, but if you want to get rid of hair - then this is your day.

Horoscope for October 25, Thursday.
It's not a very good day for haircuts, especially for men, increases the risk of baldness.

Horoscope for October 26, Friday.
Mowing the day accelerates hair growth with the loss of their quality, and therefore unfavorable for haircuts.

Horoscope for October 27, Saturday.
Good day. When mowing in the day, hair grow better, and whipped and fall less.

Horoscope for October 28, Sunday.
Auspicious day for cutting hair - hair quality will only improve.

Horoscope for October 29, Monday.
Auspicious day to create a lush and air hairstyles.

Horoscope for October 30, Tuesday.
Unfavorable day to visit the barber.

Horoscope October 31, Wednesday.
Very unfavorable to day, to do something with her hair exception - a good day to get rid of unnecessary and unwanted hair.

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