How to attract love life

How to attract love life
 Engaging in a life of love - one of the most cherished secrets that seeks to seize every woman. If you want to find their happiness, experiencing a break or want to make your life more harmonious and bright, take the activation zone of love in the home is a must. But how to do it right?
 According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the sector is responsible for love and marriage, is in the southwest corner of the house. Find its exact location not be easy. Take a diagram of your apartment or room in which you live, and apply a compass rose. Now, when the situation required zone is found, it is necessary to undertake preparatory work prior to its activation.

If the required area is located in one of the rooms and bedrooms - all are better than ever. You just need to make it work for you, then love and happiness will not be slow to appear in your life. So, first of all get rid of debris and accumulations in the sector of love. If this place is massive wardrobe or drawer for clothes, neither of which harmony and can be no question. Generally, trash and clutter in the apartment are extremely undesirable in any area, because they interfere with the proper flow of energy and provoke its stagnation. As for the love sector, there should be no littering under any circumstances.

Element patronizing sector Love Feng Shui - a fire, so make sure that in the southwest corner of your room or apartment, there was nothing related to water. But for the activation of perfect red candle, rose quartz crystals, and any pair of objects red or pink. No need to get carried away, making the area around the love that will seem even remotely associated with romantic themes. Remember that here the energy must circulate freely.

Well attract love into your life paired hearts, mandarin ducks, and any other pair figurines. If possible, place your photo in the sector with a lover. But here it is necessary to act carefully - a photo where you are alone, in any case can not be placed, also do not need to put your photos or images with the former desirable man in the company of other women. Even if you still do not know who you want to see next to each other, make a collage, cut out a suitable candidate from the magazine. As soon as a worthy challenger, replace the image on his photo.

Remember that the area has to personify love your pursuit of happiness and the search for the beloved. Decorate it with fresh flowers, figures and images of hearts loving couples and very soon you will notice a positive change his life.

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