How to develop spiritual abilities

How to develop spiritual abilities
 The meaning of life for everyone. Some aspire to material well-being, and for other important personal spiritual growth. To be happy, it's important to be able to find harmony in his own soul. This may be difficult, however, a serious approach and commitment to help achieve success.  
 In order to develop spiritual faculties, there are many practices both ancient and quite modern. First, try to develop your taste, to join the art. Regularly visit museums, theaters, opera, ballet, sign up in the literary and artistic circle. Start reading classical literature. You will immediately notice the progress after a while you learn to distinguish real art from mediocrity.

Also try every possible way to expand their horizons. It is recommended to travel (in Russia or abroad), you will meet new interesting people. Interested in the world in which you live.

It is important to think much, analyze everything that you see, what to know new people. Trip to the nature contribute to philosophical reflection, it is best if you are alone - no one will interrupt you, and you do not interfere. Do not take a lot of food, do not hammer head earthly, vain deeds and thoughts.

On the Internet, or in his surroundings find people who think outside the box, think about the eternal questions. Of joint conversations, you can learn a lot. Religion - is one way of understanding the nature and development of spirituality. Select the religion that meets your own ideas about morality and virtue. Hiking in the church, temple or mosque will be an unforgettable experience. There you can chat with religious people, learn some subtleties of spirituality.

In the world there are many unsolved mysteries that are still waiting for an explanation. For example, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, or mystery of Stonehenge - read them, consider all the facts, consider all possible explanations. Try not to think of the standard, as well as you would like. Sometimes the solution comes when considering the problem from an unusual angle.

Development of their spiritual faculties is extremely important, because every person should be able to appreciate beauty and try to understand the little secrets of the world in which he lives.

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